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How Do You Celebrate Losing 80 Pounds?

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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Haha I logged into SparkPeople and recorded my weight on my ticker, then posted my weekly weigh in for the Fall 5% Challenge. Next I decided on new interim weight goals. I want to blast into the 150's, then on to 149 pounds, when my BMI changes from overweight to healthy!

January 1, 2020 185.4, today 161.4, so I've lost 24 pounds this year, averaging 2.4 pounds a month. In 2019 I lost 10 pounds in the last 10 weeks of the year. If I did it last year I can do it again this year.

I read about the Cornell study and committed to myself that I would not gain weight. Here is my version of it. This is not a Self Fulfilling Prophecy, but today your weight is likely the lowest it will be for the rest of the year UNLESS you take immediate action. Events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's, parties, family gatherings, food displays at grocery stores, gifts of chocolate, etc. are all occasions where we tend to overeat or make poor food choices. “Anything that happens in these next 10 weeks before New Years, on average, takes about five months to come off,” said Prof. Brian Wansink of Cornell’s business school. nyti.ms/2JjbMDa

That's 22 weeks to take off the weight we could gain in the next 10 weeks, leading to New Years'. Have I got your attention about how important nutrition tracking is? Or think of it this way, for 32 weeks (10 weeks before Christmas and 22 weeks after) you will weigh more than today! NO!!! This year with people less likely to get together it should be easier to control my weight.

While my weight is trending in the right direction I want to identify what I am doing that's helped my weight loss. I have made peace with my lifestyle - eating, sleeping, exercising, and relaxation. I will have a list to review when my weight loss stalls.

1) I am continually looking for things I like more than eating. For instance I have been watching several seasons of Survivor Australia, Survivor UK, Survivor New Zealand, Survivor South Africa and Survivor USA. Any other English language Survivors?

2) I have gone at least 3 weeks with no take out foods. I had recently slipped into the habit of having a KFC Zinger or a McD's burger a couple of times a week.

3) For years I have eaten off 9" plates, used a salad fork, and a coffee spoon (a smaller version of a teaspoon). I always have a large glass of water with every meal. I eat more slowly and eat less.

4) I measure EVERYTHING, and often eat right out of a measuring cup.

5) I read labels to look at serving sizes and calories.

6) I follow the recommended servings sizes as per the old Canada Food Guide.

7) When I have carbs with a meal, I try to limit it to one. For instance when I have potatoes then I do not have corn.

8) I look for new ways to cut calories. I stopped buying blocks of cheddar cheese. It was too easy to cut off a chunk of cheese that was maybe a little bigger than it should be. Now I buy sliced or grated cheddar and consume far less.

9) When my weight loss stalls I make a big pot of soup. My recipe Hamburger Lentil Vegetable Soup (almost vegan!) recipes.sparkpeo

10) When I am close to an interim goal weight, I have Slimfast for breakfast for a few days to get me there.

11) As I measure up my food, I ask myself 'could I be happy enough with less'? I got cherry yogurt and saw the serving size was 1/3 cup and 35 calories. With Greek yogurt a serving size is 3/4 cup and 100 calories. I tried the 1/3 cup serving and decided that it was enough. You can seeing the marketing ploy, only 35 calories for the yogurt cherry yogurt versus 100 calories for Greek yogurt. I have a set of metric measuring cups which correspond to the Imperial/American measures. The metric measuring cup closest to 1 cup (8 oz) is 5% less volume. I am ready to change cups and cut back 5% there.

12) I eat slowly. When I get the 'pause' where I seem to lose a bit of interest in the food, I stop eating exactly there. Sometimes I will spit out the food in my mouth. With the leftover food I quickly package it up and put it in the fridge for lunch the next day.

13) I have reduced the amount of meat I eat. Also I stopped buying deli meats and don't miss it. Stopped buying bacon and miss it once in awhile.

14) Seldom drink milk (not drinking my calories). I get calcium from cheese and yogurt.

15) I have a grocery list and buy groceries online, then do a curbside pickup. This reduces impulse shopping. I did get ice cream a few times and am ready to stop it.

16) Less alcohol.

17) I always look for new health, fitness, motivational, weight loss things to try. For instance I joined NOOM May 15th at 183.6 pounds (22 pounds ago). It was good at first but I've lost interest. I am trying to renew my interest.

18) May 28, 2020 178 pounds (16 pounds ago) I started doing daily YouTube fitness videos, perfect attendance!

19) I have regular sized clothes. Every week I am shrinking out of something. I have to push myself to get rid of them. It's not that I think I will need them again, but as I've lost weight, I've got nicer clothes and it's hard to part with them. I have a stockpile of clothes from buying smaller clothes on sale way before I could fit them. I only need jeans and unders.

20) I notice everyday things that are so much easier for me to do - get up off the floor, get in and out of the bathtub, wrap a regular towel 1.5 times around my body, get in and out of the car, buy clothes, and ties my shoelaces.

21) My aches and pains have diminished, most noticeably my knees and lower back.

22) My sleep apnea has improved. In the apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) more than 30 events per hour characterizes severe sleep apnea. My reading was 31! 15-30 is moderate, and AHI of 5-15 is mild; and AHI of less than 5 is considered normal. My AHI is 15, so on the edge of mild/moderate. Big improvement!

23) I weigh in daily to stay in touch with how my current food choices are impacting on my weight. Good or bad it does influence my food choices.

24) I am just starting to reward myself. My MP3 is like a body part, day and night I have it with me. I just ordered a new one with lots of wonderful features. This will keep my dog park walks interesting.

25) I aim for 8 hours sleep or at least to stay in bed. I realize I need meds to get to sleep and stay asleep, so I am sleeping better, and less likely to stalk the kitchen. If I wake during the night I'll watch a YouTube video or listen to an audiobook.

26) Hubby is motivated to lose, so I am supportive and do things that help him. He does about half the cooking and makes healthy meals too. He is at his lowest weight since high school!

27) I have been Sparking since 2008! The 5% Challenges have motivated me to try new things and I have wonderful support from my team. I have never give up on myself!

28) I remind myself often that in 2020 I am doing more of what makes me happy. I will be/stay happy if I am healthier, slimmer and more fit. I want to be physically confident to try new things like stand up paddle board and kayaking. I might not do these activities this year, but I will be ready for when it's opportune.

29) Attitude! I will make the rest of the year, the best of the year. I will get through 2020 well prepared for 2021!

30) My daily routine/habits can always improve. For instance this week in the 5% Challenge - Have a better start to the day. Make waking up a more pleasant experience. Be kind to yourself. This week consciously do something to make your morning wake up experience more pleasant. I am getting better at this. This morning when I woke, I reached for my phone to read the news, then stopped myself. I jumped out of bed, did a few big reach for the stars stretches and deep breaths, talked to my dog, then launched into my usual morning routine more energized than usual.

As I read this over I decided next time I will do 2 lists. One list will be my do's and the other will be my don'ts.

I read somewhere - Find something that makes you feel better while you are getting better.

I looked for the I lost 80 pounds meme... still looking. Any suggestions where to find it?
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