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Forgive And Move On

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Friday, November 27, 2020

If you had a bad Turkey Day of overeating, don’t beat yourself up.

THAT, yes, THAT, the wallowing and beating ourselves up, the shame and anger, the self-destruction for what we have done, THAT is what takes us down the river and off course. We tell ourselves things like “I am weak. I’ll never get this. I’m a failure. Why bother because it doesn’t matter what I do?”

Those are very limiting statements and are untrue.
1) You had a bad DAY or MEAL.
2) REWORD your limiting statements to: “I am strong. I got this.I succeed. Every choice matters.” Every time you hear a limiting belief in your head, reverse it to make yourself stronger. Then repeat it.
3)Forgive yourself. It’s food, not murder.
4)Move on. The sooner you get back on the path, the sooner you get to your destination.

We have been so programmed in this country to believe that eating is failure and weakness. Actually it is a biological need that seems to go psychological too. We use it as a bandaid of the mind. Until we learn to meet our emotional needs without food, truly feel the feels, we are all going to keep using the bandaid of food.

We use food for so many reasons mentally, physically and socially. It’s actually a science to study the implications of food. Puzzling and profound when you think of how simple it should be. And I think, personally, that that is why we get angry with ourselves. It should be simple, but isn’t.

💗Beth Donovan

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