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2021 Goals

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

One of the leaders of the 5% challenge posted a blog with goal setting questions. I decided to model it for my own use. Here goes!

Do you make periodic goals?
Yes, but usually just in my head. Since becoming a participate of the 5% Spark Challenges, I’ve come to realize how important it is to write them down. My commitment has to be fully engaged if I want to be successful.

Is a new year a reset point for you?
Usually...but a few months in, and my resolve falters. Last year, it didn’t, and I lost 55#. I now recognize the importance of persistence, self forgiveness, and setting small realistic goals in order to achieve the ultimate goal of ideal body weight.

What goals are you setting for yourself for 2021?
Lose 35# (to reach over all goal of 90# loss)
Walk 2021 miles for the year! (Yikes!)
Track my caloric intake most days of the week
Walk 5 days of the week
Incorporate strength training 1-2 days of the week
Improve my relationship with God

Why did you choose this goal?
I have been wanting to lose weight for 20+ years, and have had varying degrees of success. Ultimately, I failed...stress, life events, motivation fatigue...all of these contributed to my failures. After my retirement from a successful nursing career last year, I chose to take care of myself. The result was quite rewarding! I have more energy, sleep better, and my body is able to make movements it hasn’t done in years! Like...sleep on my tummy, cross my legs, cross my legs UNDER a table at a restaurant, wearing smaller clothes, feeling a hug from a loved one that encircles my body completely! So...I want to see what rewards I’ll reap when I reach my goal this year.

How will you measure your goals?
Weigh...daily, but report to SP weekly
Tracking...calories and fitness. I find that if I use the SP trackers plus the tracker on my Samsung Health app, I have the most success.
Track my miles walked. I must walk 5.5 miles/day to achieve the 2021 miles walked goal. Thus, my “yikes!” above!
Attend church, even if it’s virtually, more regularly. Discover a time for daily prayer that works for me.

How motivated are you?
Ha! Every day is a new chapter in my motivation level! Today is good...yesterday (and the past month) not so much. So going forward, I’ll work on re-energizing myself to keep the motivation momentum going. I find that when I stay focused, I stay motivated.

Are you a good cheerleader for yourself?
Not in the past. I need to work on that. When I’m “good”, I lift myself up. I need to find ways to encourage myself when I’m “bad”.

Anything else would you like to add?
I pray 2021 will see an end to this pandemic and we all emerge like, more compassionate, and more appreciative of our human contact. Life is short. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
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