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just sayin' ... So … are ya gonna do it already???

Monday, December 28, 2020

When life gets complicated … I fall off the face of the earth here at Sparks. Not sure of alllll the reasons … nothing to say or just whining, too busy, hiding coz I’ve gained weight and I’m not following my own planned path to health. Or just coz ???

Let’s see … in the time I’ve been away:

Fight with DD … still unresolved.
Fight with SIL … might never get resolved.
Hubby started having manic symptoms.
Started emotionally eating.
Murphy the wonder dog stepped on my toe and broke it.
Quit walking.
Home improvements completed … and some still to do.
Ate out of frustration.
Started a quilt for Hubby and I … to keep busy.
Didn’t get to hug and kiss on any family during Christmas.
Ate the house down.

I finished reading and writing my responses to Steve Siebold … Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People. But didn’t share them here. Many at Sparks didn’t like the phrases … fat and fit. Nor the in-your-face attitude Steve has. I … loved it … straight talk.

I was challenged to get back to walking which I was successful for 10+ weeks.
I was challenged to lose 5% … a mere 11 pounds. I lost 8 and then gained it back plus some … putting me at 222.1.

I have eaten on plan for … 2 days now.
I walked today … 20 minutes.

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions … I got tired of being … disappointed.
Maybe this year … maybe not … maybe this year … ???

As a retired project manager … I should be more than DONE with this self-improvement project.

So … are ya gonna do it already???
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Holy Moly, have you ever had a lot going on in your life! Be gentle and kind with yourself.

    I remember years ago with I first learned about Siebold and through the Beck Team. I love his approach! At first I was a bit surprised by his in-your-face, but it was just what I needed. I saved the link hoping to fall back on it when I needed a good talking to, but when I tried to access it for a friend I couldn't get the link to open.

    Is the Die Fat or Get Tough:101 a book? I think it would be great if you shared what you are learning.

    53 days ago
    Welcome back! I too, enjoyed and miss your Seibold reviews! It’s one reason I subscribed to your blog. No one way is completely perfect, so that’s why we keep searching and finding our own way. Life is ever changing! We all Spark differently, too. We need those who post regularly, lead teams and those who follow and those who lurk unnoticed mostly (like me). Lots of us have been on the slippery slope this year/holiday season...etc. This too shall pass. But also, more life to come. Today I plan to eat healthy choices, do some house cleaning, and get in a leisurely walk. Will it all happened as planned...?!?! I plan to. I hope so!

    Move on with some loving kindness for yourself and others. Prayers for peace and joy amid circumstances.
    And keep Sparking in any manner that serves you best!
    55 days ago
    I like straight talk too and real data.

    So even when I "eat the house down" I get on that scale every morning.
    I did it. I own it and now login to Spark for my daily dose of motivation.

    Hang in there.
    57 days ago
    Two days emoticon emoticon

    I agree with your assessment of resolutions "but" I also know there is wisdom in making a plan so that's the route I'm taking! Good to see you posting... I've been falling back into old patterns these past few weeks and it's time to turn things around. You are helping point me in a new direction!! Thank you! emoticon
    58 days ago
    Thanks for your comment on my page. I have been here all the time -- not blogging (until a couple, recently) but connecting with Sparkies every day all along.

    And yup: I noticed you were MIA for about a month, and missed you.

    A LOT has been going on in your life.

    Happy you're back, wishing you well!!

    59 days ago
    I am back after falling off the face of the earth too on Spark. I wasn’t motivated to post when things weren’t going well. Good for you for coming back and thinking this through. Good for you for taking credit for being back on plan and walking.

    Be nice to yourself, feel proud of every positive choice you make, no matter how little. Change the list of bad choices that you have made into a list of good choices that you have made and you will feel better about yourself and have more confidence about your ability to handle difficult things that life throws at you.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year. All the best! You can do this!
    59 days ago
    "As a retired project manager … I should be more than DONE with this self-improvement project."

    I am always finding ways to improve.


    Yes I was not a fan of that author but I get it. And BOTTOM LINE (which I have typed before), you do what YOU want! If the messages in that book reach you, and help you mentally feel better, then that is AWESOME!!

    More emoticon

    59 days ago
    I liked much of Siebold. I don't mind straight talk. Some of it still resonates with me.

    We CAN do this.

    As many times as it takes!
    59 days ago
    I loved your Fit and Fat references from his book. Every morning when out for a walk with my girls I raise the question-am I thinking like a fit person when we take the longest walking route. I answer myself - yup and pat myself on the back. So this person - me, has benefited from your blog references. Thanks
    59 days ago
    Oh my, hang in there🌺
    59 days ago
    I'm glad to hear from you! Sounds like you are focused, and heading in a good direction.
    Sending loving thoughts and positive energy!
    PS: I was away longer, and I didn't have any real reason at all... ; )

    59 days ago
    I am sorry you have been going through so much stuff!! emoticon ... I do hope things start to improve and suddenly!
    59 days ago
    emoticon I was just thinking about your Steve posts and missing them... I think I might need some straight talk, the way the past couple of months have gone.

    BUT, more important... HUGS for YOU! I think you and I have that "project" mentality in common, but self-nurturing isn't a one time project, it's a process! As in, it never ends. No being "done", we have to have the mindset that this is just how we LIVE.

    Now, having given that pep talk, I need to listen to it myself. We CAN do this. And we are each one of us worth doing it FOR! Come on, 2021! emoticon
    59 days ago
    Oh my gosh! You've had a time of it. So sorry. HUGS.. aLL WE CAN DO IS OUR BEST.

    59 days ago
    Oh, my goodness...I had no idea a dog could break yr toe...ouch!
    What I didn’t like about Siebold was his smug superior attitude.
    Was he ever fat?
    I can’t remember.
    I don’t mind admitting I am fat...and I have a whole lotta reasons or excuses why...legitimate, in my opinion.
    Life is hard...always...but especially now.
    Take care of yourself.
    Rock yourself in the cradle of loving kindness.
    You deserve it.
    59 days ago
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