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No Magic Bullet Needed

Saturday, January 02, 2021

November my weight was the lowest in years. In December, no parties to add extra calories, but I did it myself at home. Dessert, an ice cream cone or chocolate became routine events. Yes it happens but I know what to do to take off those pesky extra pounds - no magic bullet just diet, nutrition tracking, and exercise.

I did a 7 day menu plan and put it into Spark, aiming for 1200 - 1550 calories. This morning was day one and already I have changed things up. I was supposed to have Slimfast 280 calories, but I woke up very hungry. I changed Slimfast for oatmeal, milk, a few raisins, and a sliced apple. I am continuing to have coffee cream in my morning coffee. Total calories 264. I am preparing some 'emergency' fridge snacks - apple slices, pickled herring, dill pickles, hard boiled eggs, mini veggie platter - cucumber slices, carrot, pepper, and celery sticks. Suggestions?

I've been asked how I feel since I lost weight. Overall I didn't feel differently till more recently when my weight got into the low 160's. I feel happier, stronger, more energetic and more confident. My husband comments on how my body shape has changed so much (I very much had an apple middle). I find it so much easier to do simple things like tying my shoes laces, cutting my toenails, polishing my toenails, getting in and out of the car and bathtub, picking things up off the floor, getting up and down off the floor, finding clothes that fit and LOOK NICE. Earlier in the year I noticed it was easier to slide into a booth at a restaurant, sashay down the aisle of an airplane, and sit on in airplane.

I am re-organizing the house. What I want more than all this is, is much less of all this! Haha that is what I tell myself as I play kick it or keep with old CD's, etc. I ask myself 'will I make a point of looking for this CD sometime in the next 10 years?' After weeding out a CD, I take it to the community book box for someone else to enjoy. It's nice to see someone takes it.

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