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just sayin’ … OH, my aching head

Monday, January 04, 2021

The beginning of Day 9 … and the sugar withdrawal headache has decided to continue to be my … friend. Why OH why do I do this to myself.

Sugar is not the enemy … but eating all I can and then removing it … is killing my brain cells.

Retaking control of your weight and health is a journey, not a destination.

More exerts from Steve #87:

Fat people think they have forever to change.
Fit people have a sense of urgency.

With their thinking grounded in objective reality, fit people have a sense of urgency about getting thin and healthy. Their mindset is to take action while they still have a choice.

The middle-class thinker is famous for procrastination, especially when it comes to areas of life that are uncomfortable.

The downfall of the average person is an overwhelming desire to be comfortable.

The sad truth is many people come to the end of their lives with feelings of regret for not taking more risks and going after their dreams.

Critical Thinking Question: Do you have a sense of urgency about getting fit, or are you tempting fate by deluding yourself into believing you have forever???

Action Step: Decide to get fit now instead of later. Not next week, not after the holidays or next summer. Do it now, while there’s still time. Do it now, while you still have a choice.

Hmmm … do I have a sense of urgency about getting fit. No … but maybe yes.

I have sabotage myself for a looooooong time by plotting my weight loss into the future … by this date I will weight this number. Then when the scale doesn’t oblige … my diet mentality warped brain jumps up and down and causes havoc with what ever success I might have.

This time … I’m not doing the weight loss math as much as projecting short term goals:

Get to day 30 of staying on track.
Get in 5x a week of walking.
Get to day 30 of meditating.

The urgency I feel is … this time next year do I want to be saying, whining, moaning about the same ol’ same ol’. NO. Then MAKE this your year.

Just do it … already.

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.

**Within this blog is my longwinded thoughts based on my reading and humble understanding of from Steve Siebold’s Die Fat or Get Tough and years and years and years of searching for thinness and … self-peace.
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  • SPICY23
    Wishing you a clear head tomorrow. Stay the course. Once past the sugar withdrawals you will have much more control and power. You are GREAT!

    I hear Chester wants to help by inviting you to go for a walk. Gotta love that dog.

    Peace and Care
    57 days ago
    I LOVE these blogs---so much truth. No--we do not have forever, and i am not one who subscribes to "Baby Steps. Those are for babies and toddlers. I am a grown up and need to take responsibility. Today and this moment is what counts most. I am sorry about the awful headache. To answer the question----I feel more a sense of urgency---therefore, i am making each day count and not making excuses. Thanks for posting!
    57 days ago
    We don't have forever. We have only this moment. To be kind to ourselves. To take care of ourselves.
    57 days ago
    What they said!

    And what you said
    Just do it … already.

    58 days ago
    This is all really hard!
    Especially now.
    I am guilty of kicking the excess weight can down the road, year after year, it seems.
    It never seems like the right time, or I convince myself I cannot surmount the obstacles the universe through in front of me.
    But now I feel more mindful generally and am confident that I will stick to all I need to do and will get there this year.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    58 days ago
    "The urgency I feel is … this time next year do I want to be saying, whining, moaning about the same ol’ same ol’. NO."

    You said it. And with those short term goals you've given yourself, that are totally doable, you'll get there. If you can successfully get the sugar monster off your back that will help enormously too. Those sugar withdrawal headaches are a killer. I'm on day 5 with no sugar, but somehow I've gotten away with it this time. That book sounds interesting. I'm off to look it up.

    This is going to be your year emoticon
    58 days ago
    AMEN!!! It really is about mindset. I know for me setting a deadline to be such and such a weight by such and such a date is the kiss of death. It won't work. Never has, never will. So, for me, I look @ my weight weekly and look @ the trend. If I see a problem, (trending higher blood sugars, trending higher scale) then I know it's time to review the plans. Pure and simple. No berating myself.

    Definitely with my health issues I feel a sense of urgency. I want to be around for my family AND myself.
    58 days ago
    Hang in there... and have a great Day 9 ! emoticon
    58 days ago
    So proud of you! Way to stick to your guns in the face of that nasty sugar withdrawal! emoticon
    58 days ago

    Make today the greatest day of your life
    Until tomorrow!

    Accept the priceless gift - the joy of work. Apply the greatest value in life: love people and serve them. You will attract big and generous portions of success.
    W. Clement Stone
    58 days ago
  • V72392
    58 days ago
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