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A post to my a BLC45 Minion Sisters

Friday, January 08, 2021

Good morning Minion sisters!

We are two days into the challenge and as is normal for me I am all in, fully focused and engaged. The start of something new has a way of inserting itself into my life ahead of all life’s more mundane routines and responsibilities. It is day three and already I am feeling the “real” world pulling at me. Now that I am somewhat assimilated in the group I believe it is time for me to prepare for the downfalls along the way. I’ve decided that for the next 12 weeks I will face the world as an eagle faces the wind.

This morning I weighed in and discovered that at the start of day three I have already lost 3lbs. Had this been my first go around at losing weight I would have been ecstatic. I would have been on a high and feeling invincible. Today, instead, I saw it as a challenge. That weight loss came from hard work and it certainly is a testament to some success, but it is a deceptive victory. I know it is near impossible for me to lose three pounds of fat in two days. I know I have cut back on caffeine and upped my water intake. I am pretty sure my body is just releasing stored water due to my changes. That is a good thing, actually a GREAT thing and something to celebrate especially considering how difficult I find it to drink water throughout the day. As much as it is wonderful, I know that it will be a challenge when I step on the scale and see a gain once my body becomes adjusted to the changes I’ve made. This time I am prepared for the gain and I will focus on the positives of changing my diet and not put the focus on the number on the scale. That is what weight loss is for me, a series of challenges. My outcome rests more on my outlook of them than it does on the result of them. I am prepared for the weight gain that will soon come after the three pound loss but will I survive the unforeseen challenges that lay in wait? When new challenges rear their heads will I face them head on or hide in the comfort of food and lethargy?

When eagles fly they are constantly navigating the currents of air. It uses far more energy to fly into an opposing air current coming towards it than it does to ride on a gust moving in the same direction. When the eagle takes on the challenge and flies into the wind the current of air carries it upward much like a kite. By entering the opposing current the eagle is able to SOAR. For BLC 45 I will be looking to the eagle for inspiration. I will do my best to face each challenge head on and when an unforeseen aircurrent carries me away from my goal I will circle back and face the wind again. And when I enter the opposing stream I will soar up high and enjoy the view. I look forward to seeing you up there with me, and if I notice you being torn away by a gust I will gladly come fly next to you and together we can try again. Sometimes you will see me resting on a limb below getting ready for the next gust. I invite you to join me then as well. We can sit back, sip on some lemon flavored hot water and recuperate in the presence of friends.

I am so glad to have the opportunity to soar with such magnificent minion eagles! Love to all of you. May you soar through your day on eagles wings!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love this blog. Very encouraging. Thank you!
    86 days ago
  • VISION2021
    Can't wait to see the Minion team name atop the leaderboards! We got this!

    91 days ago
    You sound so focused and thoughtful about your journey. Can't wait to see all your progress during BLC 45. Go Minions!
    92 days ago
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