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just sayin’ … do you have hope ???

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Went to the dentist to get two teeth re-bonded. I was born with no tooth enamel … so, dentists and I have been enemies … I mean friends from the time I got teeth.

Quick trip to the store afterwards was … sad. So little on the shelves … still. But I got toilet tissue.

More exerts from Steve #92:

Fat people lack hope.
Fit people are excited about their future.

Being fat doesn’t just happen; it’s a choice you make with every meal. It’s something we do to ourselves, yet are quick to blame others.

Fit people are in control of their minds and bodies, and that gives them a level of confidence fat people can’t imagine.

Fitness increases feelings of hope, optimism and enthusiasm for life.

Critical Thinking Question: Have you carefully crafted your vision of your future as a fit person???

Action Step: Once your vision is written, read it every morning and ingrain the images of the future into your consciousness. This will help keep you on track when the going gets tough.

DIL made a vision board for 2021. I have never done that … have you???

I have to admit as a very visual person … I found hers intriguing. She included:

Dates with our DS.
Dates with g-kids … group and individual.
Creativity … she draws and illustrated a child’s book.
Home improvement projects.
Financial goals.
Meal planning and new recipes.
Weight loss goals.
Exercising / hiking goals.
Charity contributions … money or showing up in person.
Keeping in touch with loved ones !!!

It was not a written list but a creative pictorial layout and she included DS and g-kids in the creation of it.

Steve recommends cutting out pictures of people who look the way you want to. Nah … I want to look like me … just thinner and healthier. But I do like the idea of a visual goal. So, I looked at pictures of me during 2017 … my skinny year when I was a total of 100+ pounds lighter. In every picture … I was smiling. Hmmm ??? That’s what I noticed more than my smaller body. Hmmm ???

As a fat person … I AM filled with hope. So, there Steve !!!

I’m a contradiction in that I know things will work out, I just know it … but not by blind faith alone … I am to contribute action as well. Good things are not just gonna happen … I need to help.

I hope our country rights itself … hears those who share their feelings and hopes peacefully AND contributes positively to those hopes.

I hope I quit talking about getting healthy and …

Just do it … already.

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.

**Within this blog is my longwinded thoughts based on my reading and humble understanding of from Steve Siebold’s Die Fat or Get Tough and years and years and years of searching for thinness and … self-peace.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "Being fat doesn’t just happen; it’s a choice you make with every meal"

    That's something I should put on my fridge
    44 days ago
    Not a vision board person either: although I'm always interested in the vision boards of others who are!

    I am more of a "live in the moment" person. How am I feeling right now? And . . . right now? And . . . right now? Like that.

    So that I can attend to what needs to happen in that present moment: not according too much band width to all that constant chatter (the "TV in the bar") about regrets from the past or fears for the future.

    Because: NOT happening right now, right? In the present there's always the possibility of calm and confidence.

    And yes, generally hopeful and optimistic: annoyingly so, quite probably!!
    45 days ago
    I, too, have hope. I like that board idea. emoticon
    45 days ago
    I once used the the goal board on my Spark start page with goals, mantras, reminders, and uploaded pics both personal and from various sources. I was very disappointed when SparkPeople changed the page format and now I have to click a link to access the slide show. I often forget about it now and go back to view it. I also consider my Spark Page my vision as of past, present inspiration and motivation. I’m not artsy/craftsy so not into the cut and paste or calligraphy stuff. I do like to those of others, however.

    I am hopeful! Always have hope for a better day and a better me!
    45 days ago
    I have hope and that's wwhat keeps me going each day. Some days are harder than others, but . . . it is always still there.
    45 days ago
    I'm not much for vision boards, either. I'm more a chart type.

    Sounds like you got my brother's teeth in the genetic lottery. Sorry. He had full dentures... in his 20's! I was at the periodontist today myself, all nice and polished now.

    Many prayers for our nation.
    46 days ago
    Vison board doesn't seem to be my thing. It would turn into a vacation wish board.
    I'm celebrating buying the wrong thing and cutting out eating it when I knew I should. The ability to stop myself was the win when I coulda eaten the whole thing.
    I wanna smile too!
    46 days ago

    "Being fat doesn’t just happen; it’s a choice you make with every meal."

    I like this.

    I haven't made a visulaisation board as such, but I do have a file in my computer that has photos of me a 120 pounds lighter (2017...same as you) doing fun things I'd like to do again, pictures of places I want to go, yadda yadda...and I spent time looking at them and seeing myself not there exactly, but some similar of different. I think it helps keep you focused, and hopeful.

    Out of curiosity, why are there few products on the shelves at the moment?
    46 days ago
    You and I can do day, one meal at a and you, kid!
    I want to see that smiling photo.
    46 days ago
    Yes, I have hope. Hope that I am finally in the place where I'm ready to make life long changes to how I live so I'm more healthy.

    46 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Just do it
    46 days ago
    46 days ago
    I did a vision board a long time ago for weight loss goals. I need to do another one. It was really encouraging to me.
    46 days ago
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