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Victory -3.7lbs, Week 1*: 5%Wint21

Saturday, January 16, 2021

It's our first week's weigh-in of Winter21 on the 5% teams, and honestly I was not expecting such a big loss; however, I think my body is getting back to it's 'set-point' that I had for much of the autumn, before the elections morphed into the holi-daze; maybe because I'm flushing out some of the fat I'm burning off by being hydrated (I had slacked on water and movement).
At the end of 2020 I was disappointed that I had gained 10 back of the 40 I had lost for a net down of 30 in 2020, (& down about 10 in '19), so having to re-lose this past autumn's gain of 10 kind of feels like ...either 'eh' or 'meh.
But the scale's going down pretty quickly right now, about 5 down in Jan so far, 3.7 of it this past week, and I'm really NOT doing it super calories are in the maintenance range, sometimes a bit below, but half or more of the time on the high end, and I'm getting in some movement but having some mobility issues in my feet so not as 'gung-ho' as I sometimes am; getting about 2 hours daily most of the week, but not doing intense cardio; hardest thing I did was go for a walk for half an hour, and I was quite sore and stiff for days (there was still a bits of ice covering the trail at points, and also I was trying to alter my gait, stepping differently to see if it might help, so not sure which or both caused the pains). Also some binge-ing behaviour, plus the presence of extra sweets from the holidays still around, but tracking it, usually after the fact, and mostly making my 8 glasses of h2o.
Luckily I remembered to pul out the heated intense massaging pad for a chair, that I haven't used in ?a year? and did that over several days until I was not sore. Maybe I'll use it again tonight.
My bday's in about 3 weeks, so it would be nice to be below where I left off on my program last fall. Anyway, another thing I need to get on in 2021 was my code work, but then the gibbon-butt-face decided to incite an insurrection, so I was doing some self-care, and indulgences as balance, and not in the mood for it for much of the last week and a half, so doing that now, as soon as I hit post!
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