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Okay so a VERY STRANGE Day at work (cashier, local groc store) one still has me laughing so HARD!!

Monday, January 18, 2021

First TY TY TY For reading my blogs!!! IT's so appreciated!!

I am DELIGHTED I can work again!!! My regular readers know (and can skip this part) that years ago I weighed 288 lbs and could not work. I had been a cashier at a local grocery store, which I LOVED, but after a car accident that lead to way to much pain. This lead to the severe weight gain, a deep dark depression) thanks to Sparks and way more, I'm back down in the 170's (Soon back in the 160's) have been working since Oct back there.

Okayyyyy some days are JUST STRANGE STRANGE STRANGE and today was certainly that!!

People are so cool!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE customer service. It's so rare I have an angry customer, and today, DITTO NONE!! Though I had worked from 2:30 to 9 (Which thanks to COVID is now closing time). It's a very busy store, often on Sundays all 7 registers are opened, with a line waiting and waiting, but no one who lives here complains. See yesterdays blog on why if you'd like.

I was having some strange unusual things happen to begin with, but I can't recall them all because they were TRUMPED!! LOL OH MY!!

An 80 plus year old woman (She very likely should NOT been out on her own) was paying with a food stamp card (AWESOME!! In todays society it's so wrong many elderly who have worked all their lives have to use these) she was having me ring each item one by one (I was on one of the 3 big registers, it was backed up) So I offered to show her how to get her balance so we could ring up what she could afford. Well it took 3 tries for her to get the balance, that's WITH my help. So she did, has over a thousand dollars on her card. YUP she could EASILY afford the $35 she had in her cart. BUT!! She wasn't understanding this. I did of course take my time with her. Someday and I HOPE NOT it could be me not knowing how much money I have in the bank, or cash and not understanding the simplest things, it could be a friend, relative. So of course I was kind. It took quite a bit of time. The gentleman behind her, we gave him $10 off his order for being so kind and not at all complaining though you could tell he wasn't really happy. He remarked though "Someday it could be my Mom."

Later on a gentleman came thru with over 200 dollars worth of stuff. He had the store gift cards, these ones have to be manually put into the computer. it has 22 ish numbers on it and there are no spaces. Those aren't easy to see or do, but just slowing down makes a huge difference. Well he had SEVEN of them!! YO it took quite a bit of time. I was about dying of laugher inside of myself as he passed another one, another one, another one. But it was so much FUN seeing his face when he owed 0. And still had a balance left to spend another day!! . Man behind him,, FREE ice cream.

As said we close at 9. most of us who leave at 9, really like to leave at 9 if possible. First the register has to be both cleaned AND Sanitized (YES this gets done, the pin pads often thru the day. Cashiers and baggers are encouraged to do our hands OFTEN and in our area WE DO even the teens!). At 9:50 UP comes a lady ,, sweet lady funny adorable son. They had 3 carriages FULL of stuff and they were overfilled!! YO!! THANKFULLY I had an amazing bagger, and I'm not one of the fastest cashiers, also not one of the slowest, but likely in the middle of the pack on the lower end of the middle. It took us 8 mins to get her thru and bagged. AMAZING bagger she did so WELL!! The lady's order over 900. It was a shock to her, but she was able to do it. I felt bad for her that it was that much.

A cashier who was working quick check ,, had us roaring with laughter!!

A gentleman came thru her register, buying booze. But he was drunk , drunk. she was so sweet to him and expressed she was worried about him having more, he could buy the food, but not the alcohol. He was touched by her compassion. (THANKFULLY!!) so he reached down, into his back pack, took out a partly drank bottle,, gave it TO HER Saying "Well then I shouldn't have this either."

WAY WAY WAY TO FUNNY!! We were all laughing so hard. ALSO touched by her, and HIM!!

Now you see, I could of looked at this so differently, but where would it of gotten me?

With the 80 year old woman I could of been "OH COME ON NOW!! JUST PAY!!" what would that of done to ME let alone her? Her, likely in tears, upset, the customer behind her would of been ANGRY NO doubt if I had been. Me? If I had done that, I'd of BLAMED HER, when I HAD the choice to choose how to react. SO GLAD I was caring and patience. I felt good though very sad for her, but good on the way I treated her, as she should of been, compassion.

The man with the many gift cards, again I COULD Of been "OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD USE THEM 1 by 1!!" but hey instead I was WOOHOOing him as the amounts were going down!! It became a GAME SHOW and we ALL Felt that way! LOL You could practically hear the audience CHEERING HIM ON "WIN!! WIN!! WIN!!" LOL so funny!! if I had been ugly I'd of missed this FUN!! AND IT WAS FUN!! When other customers are slowing down to see what's happening and also silently cheering him on. PRICELESS!! SO HAPPY I was enjoying this and NOT AT ALL Upset!! WHY BE UPSET? As I told him "i get paid no matter what I do, let's have fun!" My bagger ,, the same one for the last few hours, loves to laugh.

The lady with the 3 carriages full, we DID start out guessing (she and her won were out loud, the bagger and I silently) how much it was. I did feel bad as said that it costed so much. They had guessed 5 to 600. Now I COULD of been upset that it was 9:50 when they came up. NO WAY!! Its so much FUN to do a big order when you have the help you need!! LOVED IT!! Her son was very entertaining!! LOL he was a young boy, probably 9 to 11. FUNNY kid!!

YES I LOVE my job!!

The drunk wasn't mine, but the cashier has this story for LIFE!! And she was laughing, though also so touched that he reacted as he did. We all were. I was afraid she was going to say how angry he was. I had one last week who was drunk, and trying to buy. We've been trained and it works quite well to say along the line of "I can sell this (the non alcohol items) but I can't this (never be apologic etc)" and she KNEW she was plastered out of her mind!! I remarked how GOOD the spaghetti and meatball dish she bought (store made on site) looked, she was pleased, oh NO doubt she figured she'd try t buy it).

SO WHY BLOG about customers? WE ARE ALL people of course, and well we are on SPARKS. I see the parallel around customers and us. They are in a place to get what it is they want. They can buy all organic or all frozen pizza, chips , soda.

We can choose to eat well or not eat well.

When we are around others, we can ALL UPSET at them, the events etc, or we can look at the lighter side of things (though this varies on the actual circumstances).

But at all times we can choose our reactions to events. I'm so glad I can see the humorous side, or act with compassion.

for coming to my blog
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