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Izzy and the vet -- tooth out and unexpected news

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Izzy kitty who's 10 1/2 on the way to the vets this AM in order to have a tooth out.

When they took her because of COURSE Due to COVID you can't go in with your precious pet, she looked so upset.

They had asked a lot of questions "just in case." They did some test I think it was a scan, can't remember, but it showed her heart is enlarged. SIGH SIGH SIGH!! See why I HATE doing anything other than shots and a basic "routine" checkup? Every time they seem to find things wrong with our pets.

They wanted to do an ECHO which they can't do there, I'd of had to delay the surgery, taken to some other place for another 400 to 600. So I asked "What will this really tell us? I don't want surgery on her heart (Explained how the surgery I had on Wincey 9 years ago STILL HAUNTS ME!) they agreed other than information it'd not do much for her. So I asked that we bypass that. They were wondering if her thyroid wasn't working right, well at 10 1/2 that can happen easily enough and with meds kitty cats can live for years, so yes please do that.

Later they called to say that her thyroid is fine, but they were concerned about the anesthesia gave me 3 options. We settled on the one that should work okay for her, but not put her at risk. Later on they called me to say that her BP had dropped low after the surgery, but she was going to be okay. I went to pick her up at 6 PM and they brought her out at 6:15.

Izzy was NOT A HAPPY KITTY!! NOT IN THE LEAST!! She was HISSING, but was still coming out of the anesthesia

She's been a little bit better tonight, it'll be an unhappy next few days for her. I do have pain meds for her, and it shows she's NOT herself because I have 2 unscratched, whole hands and arms after the 1st dose. Actually she's pretty good about taking meds, as long as I do not pick her up to give them to her, but instead just pat her, lift her head, and put it in (if you are at ALL Scared etc, worried they KNOW! You HAVE to just do it,, it's for their good and yours). She's been mostly in the bedroom. Hasn't been in my lap tonight, I get it I am not a social butterfly either after surgery. I've been so many (25).

She's on soft food for 2 to 5 days. POOR KITTY CAT but the tooth was removed. As put in the other blog it was NOT cheap!! YO over 750 for a CAT FRONT TOOTH, but she repays me in so many purrs.

With the enlarged heart, we agreed to let Izzy live out her natural life. It's only slightly enlarged and so I am HOPING I'll have years left with her. Animals though unlike most humans don't live a long life. Izzy has most certainly had a VERY SPOILED Kitty life as she should have.

I wish I didn't know this, and yet slightly glad I do. I'll continue to SPOIL her A LOT. She's such a good kitty. I don't think with Izzy other than wanting now and then to run out the door do I have to say "no Izzy" in a very gentle voice. Her paws are rather short, so she's not a jumper, which is so strange after Wincey. When I had Wincey I lived on the 6th floor (Top floor) and had come home, NO WINCEY!! I looked and LOOKED!! BUT NO WINCEY!!! I played with her treat bag, and heard a BANG!! There she was in the kitchen suddenly. Well it took a few more times to realize that little stinker had found a hole where the cupboards met and the TWIT was going UP Into the ceiling and just under the area of the roof!! I told my neighbor she said HER CAT WAS doing the SAME!! We figured it was a PLAY DATE!!! Nonetheless we both had that area closed up. Ewww dusty and WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE!! Wincey WAS QUITE the jumper.

Izzy is so sweet. SPOIL not only your pets, but people around you. We never know when it'll be the last things we've said, done for them.

My heart is hopeful and broken at the same time.

for coming to my blog.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awwww, Izzy is one lucky girl to have you as her momma! Sending love to both of you!
    36 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    39 days ago
    Don’t you just love ‘em to pieces? Our vet has been making noises for years about heart and thyroid issues, and tiny Miss Moppet is now twenty years old. I appreciate every day she’s still with us. You have a good handle on cat psychology! I’ve had cats who took meds fairly well, one who held a grudge for weeks, and one, well, I told the vet if he ever got sick, that would be the end because he’d take my hand off. Hope Izzy is recovering well. Miss Moppet also had to have a front fang extracted, and all she could think about when we brought her home was FOOD even though she could barely stagger to her bowl after anesthesia.
    43 days ago
    I feel so sorry for you and your cat. I am glad that all has gone well. Having a pet is a responsibility taking care with vets it can be expensive. I wish you well.
    44 days ago
    Oh Diane Izzy is awesome and she will fight to stay with her Momma.She is in prayers.P.S. Don't panic yet I am going to try again in the morning to get my words on the picture.I got them there tonight but they sucked so I will try again early tomorrow!)
    44 days ago
  • JILLIAN0216
    Poor Izzy. She will feel better in a few days. I am with you on letting her live her life naturally. My Lucy has a thyroid problem so drugs for her.
    44 days ago
    Poor Izzy... so lucky to have such a great Mama to care for and pamper her!
    I was going to say that she Really Needs to get a job now, BUT I didn't realize she was as old as she is, and with the heart condition maybe she can just provide extra snuggles and purrs emoticon emoticon emoticon
    45 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Cute story about Wincey. Yep can see dollars flying out the window every time we stop at the VETS..but they are our fur babies and we luv 'em. I remind me..I asked for them ..they did not ask for me. And yep in return for that total unconditional love ..total unconditional care!!
    Glad Izzy is home...tooth is taken care of and in a few days your lap will once again be full of kitty purrs!!

    45 days ago
    Oh, no! I'm so happy they (the animals) don't suspect nor understand a bit of how we suffer for them. I hope Izzy can live a longer life without much problem with her 'mild' condition. emoticon emoticon emoticon What a treasure they are to us! Natural life is the best option as long as they don't feel pain (for humans and animals, my personal opinion).
    emoticon emoticon emoticon She's a lucky kitty with such a wonderful momma.
    45 days ago
    I find it so hard to believe what that cute cat's tooth out cost you .
    45 days ago
  • SUSANM18
    Izzy knows you are doing your best to take care of her and will be back in your lap before you know it. Who knows, her heart may function just fine for a very long time, even if enlarged. Maybe she just has a big heart from holding all her love for you!

    45 days ago
    Poor Izzy... I know what you mean about the vet finding something wrong every time we take our pets to the vet. My Cooper-dog had 14 teeth removed in October... and he is fine now.
    45 days ago
    So glad Izzy is home and recuperating from her surgery. People are weird when they come off anesthesia too, best to think they are just dreaming. I had a cat (Smokey) who had to have her tooth pulled too.
    45 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/21/2021 12:13:59 PM
    So glad the dental surgery is over and that she's on the road to recovery. Our daughter had a similar thing happen with her precious Patches when the vet told her that his heart was enlarged. They wanted to do additional testing, but she got the same answer you did...they wouldn't really know much or even anything more than they already did. She, too, decided to bypass further testing. He was an older shih-Tzu (sp??) and he lived for almost 3 more years before he passed over. In the end, she was happy that was the choice she made. I hope it is for you, too. Hugs, Jeannie
    45 days ago
  • DEBBY4576
    Ahhhh, boy do I feel sorry for her, having just went thru a pulled tooth. I agree they find something every time you take them to the vet. I wonder if you research enlarged heart and natural ways to help, if that might give her even more years.
    45 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    45 days ago
    Our babies!! They put us through a lot. I agree with you if you aren't going to do the surgery why get the test. My dog at age 12 was diagnosed with Congestive heart failure and wanted to send me to a cardiologist. You know if she was young I may have done it but instead I opted for meds because at her age I wouldn't have done surgery. She can't go for long walks but she is still a happy girl. It has been 1 1/2 years. She will be back to normal in a few days .
    45 days ago
  • CINDY247
    Saying prayers and sending hugs ❤
    45 days ago
    aww bless her, hope she's soon her old self Diane.
    45 days ago
  • EOWYN2424
    cute naughty kitties!
    45 days ago
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