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Heart issues (new to me)

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Two weeks ago I was at work, it was FUN FUN FUN, but suddenly I felt fluish. But I didn't have a fever, did chills, hot, totally run down, and just ICK!! I only had about 90 mins left to my shift, and at that point I DID NOT Feel like walking home. Now keep in mind I live less than 3 minutes away from work (once I am out of the store, and out of the parking lot), but I stayed, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do the walking. WEIRD Since I am a cashier and it was medium busy and I was on quick check.

I worked again on Thursday this time I also didn't feel well, but my chest hurt. Thankfully my shift was short and home I went.

I called my Dr the next day who had me come right in. They ran an EKG and bloodwork. Told me a cardiologist would call about an appointment wanted a stress test done.

I had worked Sat and Sun having OFF Mon thru Friday!! WOW NICE NICE NICE!!! On Thurs I had taken a friend to an appointment and went for a walk around where I grew up since her appointment was in the neighborhood. I ENJOYED that walk!! So strange how some things stay the exact same way, but other things change so much.

Got back to the car waiting for my friend, my chest HURT again. On the way home that settled down some. Later on Thurs night did laundry, and that's a very easy thing to do, my laundry basket is on wheels. My chest hurt again, adding in back/lower shoulder pain and nausea. We ALL KNOW those are not good signs.

I choose to ride it thru, with my hand on 911 "just in case." The next AM I called my Dr who had me go into the ER. The moment they took my vitals and informed me I was being kept overnight before they even did any tests.

It was an extremely nice room, nice people. I actually did sleep which is strange since the woke me up 4 times between 11 and 8 AM when it was time for a stress test. I WISH the stress test gave them the answers, but it didn't.

I've not been back to work yet. My chest is still tight, hurting at times. I saw the cardiologist this AM. Very nice Dr. He's ordered another med (that'll be 2 for the heart) and in about 2 weeks I'll have a heart catherization. If he finds something that can be unblocked he'll put in a stent.

Now my long readers know I already have a stent in my brain due to an aneurysm that did not thankfully burst and it's been there for 3 years.

Maybe my body wants a full set?

So Dawggie team if you've been wondering why your CL (Challenge Leader) hasn't been doing much exercise this week, whereas normally I am a high exerciser, and the Indigo team will see this (or read it of it now) you now know why.

I AM Scheduled for work Fri and Sat, likely Sun, and Mon also. These are my normal days. I did call HR today. I'm taking it day by day, second by second.

Is there a need to worry? I am being cautious, but no. I am not worried. If work is to much, it's to much, and I'll leave, come home. I WILL ERR On the side of my health. I work because it's simply fun. Money wise yeah it's nice, but it's extra. I'm not worried about the heart catherization, as said I've had this done in my brain, and every time they check that it's same procedure only in the brain not the heart.

I wonder how many stents makes it a set? 2? 3? 5? 6?

HOW IRONIC that as my regular read last Weds (or Thurs?) That my kitty cat has an enlarged heart. She's 10 1/2, and 2 days later, we find out I have something with mine too. IRONIC.

I've gone from 288 to 170 so BYE BYE 117 lbs!! IMAGINE if I hadn't lost that this story would not be of "I'll get thru this too" it'd be one of FEAR!!

It IS making look my habits even now. I AM STILL am overweight and it needs to change.

TY for coming to my blog. I have NO IDEA how to title this. Of course I will now.
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