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Thursday, February 11, 2021

We had a 5% Living the Good Life Challenge for Hobby Time - learn something new or renew an interest. This month I am learning French on Duolingo, listening to audiobooks, doing daily YouTube exercises, trying new recipes from The New York Times, training our dogs, walking them in lots of different dog parks, and geocaching. I am watching Lucky Dog (TV show) to learn how to train our rascally dogs and I started watching Superstore on Netflix. I did Spanish on Duolingo for a couple of years and am finding French relatively easy to learn. I've forgot all the Spanish I learned. Geocaching, we got a membership too, so we can access more. A few times a week I play cards and board games with hubby. We launched spring cleaning, master bedroom is done. I am following the impeachment trial, but only the actual/live events, not the talking head newscasters.

Walking my dog is my 'social life'. I see my neighbor friends from a distance of course. There are so many dogs here now with all the new COVID and Christmas puppies. People out with their happy dogs are always happy.

Monday's cleaning schedule was to scrub the stovetop. We have a ceramic top and hubby and I both cook. He often cleans it (I often mess it) and says he 'is creating a new canvas for my new Picasso mess-ter pieces haha.

I found a new word faffy – awkward, time consuming. I love it and will think of it as I pare down my possessions and activities.

I am still doing daily exercise videos and doing more dog park walks. Also I am Spark nutrition tracking to get my weight loss going in the right direction. There are times I get stuck and have to nudge/reinvent my eating and activities.

According to the vaccine guidelines, I should have my second shot in July, so I still have to be very careful. We are going to start double masking. I have to venture out and get a few new clothes sometime. I want 2 long sleeved fleece shirt and 3 long sleeved T-shirts to get through winter. I don't like to wear the ones I've shrunk out of. It's a disincentive, plus they look bad on me, sure no one is looking but I care haha.

We fantasize a bit about what we will do after July, assuming it's relatively safe to mingle and venture out to public places. I want to go to a steak house with my honey and the local pub with a group of friends. I want to invite my friends and family to a BBQ/karaoke here, and I want to see my family in the other parts of Canada and the USA. I want to RV camp right on the lake with the family. I want to have Christmas in July. My future self has to be READY for it!

What are you doing this month my Spark Friends? What are you yearning to do in the future?
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