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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Now doesn't that put a smile on yer face?

--and remember this car?--My Grampa had a car like this--only his had a "rumble seat" in the back. We were never allowed to ride in that seat. I think my Mom thought we might all fall out.

-and there I am, as a student nurse--- Well, it's not really me, but exactly how I used to look as a student nurse-same uniform--and the same thousands of patients assigned to us as a student nurse-

This morning I said to Himself, "You must really learn to text--because, people respond to a text faster---"---I really know that he will never text----
"You know, in our life time, I was alive before there was even a phone," he replied.
Lord love a duck! --- I remember my Grandfather, the one with the old black car, had an enormous phone , attached to the wall, in his front hall-- He would crank it--- then we hearts him talk to Mabel, the operator, ands would find him a line thAt was free--. Of course everyone had a party line ---
When our children were small, we thought we were pretty sp[ecial to have one phone in our kitchen, attached to the wall, with a very long cord--

So, texting is in----for some of us-- I understand that all tis is not going to happen for Himself, who is pretty good to manage the cell phone.

So, why on earth did I get into all of this?-- Maybe memories are a good thing right now, to carry us thru Pandemic stay at home times--

I am outta here-- more snow to shovel-- "Po paths"- for the Germans--water to drink---trying here to keep the mind positive-- I CAN DO THIS! ---MIND OVER MATTER---and-----the very best part is-----

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