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The Grand Caerphilly Hunt

Friday, February 26, 2021

Next Monday is St David's day and Cook wishes to produce a Welsh menu for the day.  It was therefore necessary to ensure we had some caerphilly cheese apparently.  I had a Tesco delivery due on Tuesday so when fine tuning it Monday, I searched for caerphilly cheese.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nothing not no how nor neither.  What the?  It's a Welsh cheese for goodness sake.  And the Tesco here is one of the huge Extra branches.  Computer said no.  There is no way they wouldn't have caerphilly cheese surely?  I can only imagine they don't have prepackaged blocks and you have to go to the deli counter - not an option online. 

Out of curiosity, I checked the Morrisons web site. Once again computer said no.  When I went to the Co op yesterday I looked there. Not a chance.  They had a very limited selection on everything.  Plus they were about 50% more expensive on many items.  Their cheese selection amounted to one brand of cheddar plus some mini babybels.  

Fear not, no way was I going to let Cook down.  I planned a trip into the city centre for tomorrow.  Figured I could try Marks and Spencer who back 'home' at least, always had a good selection of cheeses [though somewhat pricey].  Failing that, the market.  I double checked and it is open - food stalls only.  Final option - the Tesco Extra store and head to the deli counter.  Surely one of them would have some damn caerphilly cheese? How can you not be able to get a well known Welsh cheese in one of the biggest cities in The Wetlands?  

This evening I walked over to Morrisons at The Retail Park.  I didn't really need anything but reckoned I could check out any yellow stickers plus the deli counter.   Any excuse for a walk that isn't just walking for the sake of it eh? Not many yellow sticker goodies but I got a few bits.  £8.90's worth for 97 pence.  'Every little helps' though I'm not sure Morrisons would be all that impressed with my using Tesco's slogan to describe a Morrisons shopping trip!  Sure enough though they had some caerphilly cheese at the deli counter.

Cook is pleased.  I however am a little torn on the subject.  "What"?  I hear you cry.  "Why would you be sorry to have got what you were looking for Tiz"?  Well, if I'd had to continue The Grand Caerphilly Hunt by hopping on the bus and going into the city centre tomorrow, I'd have had to walk down to the front wouldn't I?  After all, it would have been rude not to.  I wonder if there's anything else that Cook really, really, really, needs eh?

Bright blessings
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