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Monday, September 10, 2007

Kennedy is struggling to find her "place" at the new school. She is having such a hard time with the teacher. Her teacher isn't the lovey dovey type of teacher like she is used to. This well...not very caring. She's there to teach not love on the kids.....I have mixed feelings with this. The teacher on the other hand is an awesome teacher. She has recieved many awards from our town and school in the last few years. She has a great record with her students going onto high school and they graduate at the top of their class, with honors..... She's there to teach. BUT my kids have always had teachers that if you dont feel good, go put your head down, or do you want to call your mom? or they give you a hug and say its okay. Not this teacher.

Kennedy was slow to get moving this morning....then again it is her usual Monday routine. The child last year missed 6 or 7 Mondays in a row, cause she said she was sick....yes, it took that many Mondays before I caught on! call me slow. I told her today, I know your stomach probably did hurt but, did it hurt because it was Monday or did it really hurt. She told me it was mostly because it was Monday!! GOOD GRIEF!

she came outside today at recess I could tell she had been crying, her face was streaked. She started crying again when she seen me. She cried that she doesnt like her teacher and she told me that she told her teacher that her belly hurt, but the teacher told her no it doesn't, go back to your seat. Kennedy told her numerous times (according to Kennedy) but the teacher kept telling her go back to her seat. The teacher finally asked or told her to tell me when she seen me at recess..Kennedy told her teacher, mom won't believe me anyways because its Monday! teh teacher threw her arms up in the air and just laughed and told her I TOLD YOU SO!!!

My girl is draining and sucking the life of out of me with this though. i have cried myself to sleep thinking that she just can't handle the way this teacher is. then she comes home and I always ask how did the afternoon go??? I get, better I like what I'm learning!! she tells me she doesnt like the teacher, but she's okay. Her friend at school is trying to console Kennedy...god bless you Emily. Emily talks with her and tells her it'll get better once you get to know her. Emily tells her that none of the kids really like the teacher, but they all know how good of a teacher she is and how fun she does make school but just dont make her mad.

Kennedy has had homework....nothing serious just simple stuff but kennedy is terrified that its not done right, or not neat enough. I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! Pull her out and put her with someone that relates better to children....or make her suck it up and deal with it? I hated my 2nd grade teacher as I'm sure everyone has had a teacher at sometime or another. My mom didnt pull me out of 2nd grade and put me somewhere else! I dont have a choice at this building, we will have to move to a different school! The school the girls are at only have 89 kids in the entire school! thats 1-5th grades. i have the problem of I dont want to be babying my kids just because they dont like this teacher...I dont want them to think I'm going to pull them out of anything at a moments notice because things aren't going their way. But yet, she's my daughter and it pains me to see any of my kids upset and crying and I just want to fix it. I just dont know what would be better.
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    I can relate to what you are saying here. I think you will be wise to leave her where she is. You know this teacher's reputation for being a good teacher. Your daughter needs some "tough love", and this teacher may be just the one to give it to her. I am homeschooling my son for the first time this year and it is exhausting me. No matter how we do this, allowing our children to grow up and learn is hard for them and us. I have days when I want to strange him (today for instance)...but I know that it will get better as he gets used to having me as both mom and teacher. Your daughter will get used to her teacher and realize just how far she can push the limits (which is what she is testing right now, at the beginning of the year). Once she figures out exactly where the boundaries are, it will get better for everyone. Until then, fasten your seatbelt...but don't give in! She may never LOVE this teacher, but she will learn, and survive and mature from the experience. Keep your chin up!
    4961 days ago
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