Dress Pants Dilemma

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I don't know how it happend, it just did. It simply crept up on me and BAM!!! my butt got big.

On November 14, I taught a class on utilizing fresh greens for holiday decorations at the Decatur Club. I wore my usual black dress pants, happy black Christmas socks (of course) and a cute little holiday sweater. The class went extremely well, I was able to clean up in record time, and I got to mingle among the Rich & Famous at the downstairs tabletop displays. Cool day.

Tragedy hit on Monday, November 26. I was asked to be on the board for the University of Illinois DeWitt County Extension office, and the meeting was to be held at 11:30. "Oh!" I thought. "I need to dress up!" Out came the tried & true black dress pants, white shell, a dressy Christmas sweater, and Christmas socks (of course). Horror!!! I couldn't believe that my pants wouldn't fit! Not even remotely CLOSE to fitting!!! What in the hell happened in the two weeks since the last time that I had worn them?

Discouraged, I went back into the closet and dug around for the gray pants, grey and white snowflake sweater, and matching Christmas socks (have you noticed a pattern here?). YE GADS, another sausage-in-a-casing!! I pulled out the other two pairs of slacks and just held them up to me. The original black pants (the traitors!) were a size 16, as were the pretty soft gray pants. All of the rest were 14's, which had fit not too long ago, but were tight.

I called the extension office in a panic, and asked if I could wear jeans. Luckily, the receptionist assured me that EVERYONE wore jeans and comfortable clothes. *Whew* Jeans still fit, sweater looked nice, and the Christmas socks were wonderful.

So what happened?

I looked back over the log for the past few weeks and noticed that there were many days that I didn't enter my food. I also strayed off of my exercise routine. In just two weeks I had undone the months and months of hard work.

And what am I going to do about it?

The weather is relatively nice today, so Erin and I will walk Ady and the kids up to school. This evening I'll be home alone (daughter adn husband are working) I'll turn on my Christmas CD's and dance around the room like the fool that I am. And, for good measure. I'll do my wall push-ups, Superman, and other exercises from the program that I like so well.

Will I be on top of this every day?

Probably not. Things are always "different" at the hoildays. Routines are thrown off, and monkey wrenches are thrown in, making life unpredictable. I have a stack of about 500 cookbooks that I need to finish going through (and freecycle), one more Christmas tree to put up and decorate, and hundreds of Christmas ornaments to go through and give away. There's also the traditional Christmas baking, where I make thousands of cookies and candies, arrange them onto pretty platters, and deliver to the doctors, hospitals, post office, neighbors, chiropractor, friends, pharmacist, work buddies, and just about everyone else in the world that has had anything to do with us during this past year.

I'm calmer now, and back on track. Maybe my butt was just trying to give me a not-so-gentle reminder that I had been strayhing too far from the herd. The emssage was received, my path has been coreected, and I'm back where I belong.

Please, dear readers, poke me with a stick (poke hard!) if you see me straying again. I can't lose the strength of the flock, or instead of the proverbial lamb, I'll just be a big ass!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow!!! I had that Big Ass syndrome too!!! Must be some seriously contagious stuff!

    Look at the good things here.... first you were able to go back through your food log and see where you didn't post your food. Same with your exercise. Do you know how wonderful it is that you realized "Oh Oh" and got yourself in the mind to get back on track? That is really awesome because its something we never did before! Which just made the Big Ass syndrom worse!

    The holidays are tough, I know it... but we will get though this. :)
    Hugs ~ Meh
    4688 days ago
    Hi SHELKLINGER. It's really easy to stray at this time of year when everyone is so busy and food is everywhere you turn. I know it really sucks when you put back on weight that was so hard to take off in the first place, I'm a repeat offender at that. I'm glad you are back on track and I know you can keep on track through the rest of the holiday season. Best of luck!!!
    4689 days ago
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