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Nervous about not tracking... HELP!! Opinions/advice please!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

So, the past two days, in preparation for Semester at Sea, where I will have no (rare) internet access, I decided to not track my food as I ate it, like I usually do. I wanted to see if I had the willpower and the knowledge to not go over my limits.

I failed =(

It's really hard to guesstimate what you've eaten, how much, and how many calories it translates into. Really hard!! I went over calories both days. Now, I had a required staff breakfast (I ordered a veggie omelet and only ate the side potatoes at breakfast, saved the omelet til lunch), and my bf made dinner for everyone, so I couldn't rightly turn him down either (goat cheese, tofu and pasta, and more potatoes), so that surely accounts for some of it, but what am I going to do!!!

This makes me nervous. The last thing I want is to balloon up like I did like, uhm, basically every other time I've studied abroad. I think it would kill me a little inside. No, I know it. It would ruin my motivation, I think.

I've been debating taking a scale with me on the ship to track my progress that way, but I feel like I would feel very vain, and it would be unnecessary. On the other hand, I don't know how I would track my progress any other way. Computer access will be around 1$ a minute!!

Any opinions and advice anyone has to offer would be super super appreciated, from the bottom of my heart! I'm kinda very concerned.... =/

Blue skies,
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    Hey Girl! If I were you I would def take a scale, it doesn't seem vain to seems normal! I mean, almost everyone has weight on there mind! Anyway, maybe you could try and learn how many calories are in things that you "plan" to eat, or at least the things that you would think that you may eat. You know what portions are good for you. I think that you need to give yourself some credit on how well you have done and know that you have gotten really educated on what is good for you and what isn' won't "ballon up" like you have in the past because you won't let yourself!!
    4667 days ago
    A semester at sea sounds amazing! Any time I studied abroad luggage was always restricted, but if you could pack a scale that would probably help you stay on track. I always found that by going to new places I got so much more exercise. So rather than sacrificing new experiences with food - could you bump up your exercise time?
    4689 days ago
    Your weight gains/losses all come down to the calorie, so I would pack a calorie counter book. After a while, you really get a pretty good idea of the calorie counts of the typical foods you eat, so that you don't have to track everything. Bring a pocket calendar and some stickers and give yourself a self assessment each day to keep yourself on track. Good Luck!
    4701 days ago
    Maybe you could stick a big piece of paper to the wall every morning with the specific date on it in big letters. Write down the food, time and how many calories it has and maybe even the important stuff like carbs, fat and protein. That way, it's on your wall so you have to see it every time you're in your room. And maybe, if lots of people come to your room, it can be like people on sparkpeople that are able to see your food log.
    Oh and bringing a scale isn't vain at all. It's a good thing to keep track of this stuff. But you could put it at the bottom of your luggage bag and stick in in your closet and take it out when you want to weigh yourself.
    4701 days ago
    I would forgo the scale and bring the tape measure. There are also pocket size books that will give the calorie equivalent for certain items. A set of measuring cups may not be a bad idea either. Even if you can't measure your food before hand, you could eyeball the volume on your versus the volume of the measuring cup. I also heard from several people on Weight Watchers that certain veggies are zero points. It may not be a bad idea to get a list of these to know what you can eat without measuring.

    Have fun at your semester at sea!!!
    4701 days ago
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