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Lay off Typing so much
Tuesday, May 06, 2014      5 comments

Yes, it's time to lay off so much typing, which has been mostly from working on my family tree. I can feel the tingling in my fingers which in the pass noted 'tendonitis'. So, I'm going to post just what is needed each day and lay off much ext... Read more
My Easter Bonnets
Saturday, April 19, 2014      11 comments

Oh dear, not like waiting for the last minute to get my Easter hat, but I did find the right store. So many hats to pick from. 1) Here is a nice colorful one. - ... Read more
Found my Irish
Sunday, April 13, 2014      10 comments

Yes, finally!!! I've been looking for my Irish for 3-4 years, closer to 4 yrs. I sent in my DNA kit last month (it was more than swabbing your mouth, you have to spit into a tube up to a line). I have a family tree Ancestry and made one on Fa... Read more
Monday, April 07, 2014      4 comments

2014 www.historyorb.com/today
/ www.historynet.com/today
-in-history ... Read more
DH X-ray okay
Wednesday, February 19, 2014      6 comments

Thanks for all the prayers. emoticon DH had his X-ray and the doctor didn't find anything on it this time.... Read more
Friday, February 14, 2014      11 comments

Has anyone done the AncestryDNA? They send you a kit to take a swab in your mouth and send back and they tell you about your past ancestors and connect you to cousins. I want to do this when I save up, but just wanted to get input from anyone ... Read more
More prayers for DH
Wednesday, February 12, 2014      19 comments

Okay, DH had his stents put in the last two weekends and now has a cold, went to doctor, had X-Rays and has to go back in a week for another X-Ray, because they found a 'beginning of a little something'. I pray it isn't a serious 'little somet... Read more
DH recovering
Tuesday, February 11, 2014      10 comments

DH went to cardiologist yesterday. The doctor was please and hopes there is more recovery to the heart muscle in time. Needs Omega-3 in his diet. Also went to his eye doctor. Needs eye vitamens and she saidI need it too. Hey...thi... Read more
DH home
Sunday, February 02, 2014      11 comments

DH had his 2nd stent put in Friday and came home later Sat afternoon. He is doing well, taking it easy and not to lift ocer 5-10 lbs. Thanks for all prayers. Very much appreciated.... Read more
Friday's the day
Thursday, January 30, 2014      10 comments

Okay, tomorrow is the day DH is going in for his 2nd stent. you'd think we were going to be gone a week. I have a bag with clothes for me to stay over a day or two, not sure so have to be prepared, a bag with books etc. and my purse feels like... Read more
I give up!
Tuesday, January 28, 2014      11 comments

We haven't heard anything on the insurance so now I don't know if it will be Thur or Friday. I just know Jim wants to be home for the Super Bowl and I want to be home for the Puppy Bowl and this year they have the Kitten Bowl!!! Someday th... Read more
More update on DH
Saturday, January 25, 2014      11 comments

Well, DH and I went to the hospital Friday as planned for his heart cath. We left our bags in the car, with our clothes etc if we have to spend the night and only if they have to do a stint. To make a long story short, he had two blockages... Read more
Update on DH
Tuesday, January 21, 2014      20 comments

We went to DH's cardiologist for results on his stress test. It's a little confusing, but I'll try to explain. Doctor said there were cold spots, where blood wasn't getting through enough. He was surprised that my husband wasn't having any h... Read more
Mammo time again
Thursday, January 16, 2014      15 comments

Don't you just love it? Might be uncomfortable but well woth to know you are okay. I had mine Tue and had a call back today to come back for another on the right breast and ultrasound. Something to do with some density. Not sure what th... Read more
How my Life Would Change if I Won The Lottery
Thursday, January 02, 2014      14 comments

One of the challenges on a team asked how my life would change if I won the lottery. Well, for one thing, I don't play, but if I did, I would pay off our house. We don't have credit card bills so won't have to worry about that any more. Whew! ... Read more

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