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Friday, July 28, 2017      4 comments

For the next week, my short term goal is to go walking at least 2 with my dog.... Read more
Thursday, July 27, 2017      4 comments

When it comes to Excersize I am really good at motivation but I could use some work on intensity. I tend to do the easy stuff.... Read more
Monday, July 24, 2017      2 comments

I'm supposed to wright about something I am good at. One thing I can think of is focusing on the task at hand. At work, I weed out what needs to be done and focus on the steps and getting them done. But as I think about this, I realize I'm not s... Read more
This Too Shall Pass
Sunday, July 23, 2017      0 comments

This is one of my favorite sayings. Maybe THE favorite. No matter how bad things have gotten, I always know it won't last forever. I've been telling myself this alot lately in this 100 degree weather. Lol. I'm about to head out for a walk with ... Read more
Hot in Texas!
Saturday, July 22, 2017      2 comments

I was thinking yesterday about the weather and how it affects me. Unfortunately, I always seem to put stuff off because it's either too hot or too cold outside. So my dog doesn't get walked or my flowers don't get tended to. So many chances to ... Read more
Frustrated but hopeful.
Monday, February 20, 2017      2 comments

Went to see the orthopedic surgeon about my carpel tunnel today. I need surgery on both hands. emoticon I cant g... Read more
Happy Valentin's Day!
Tuesday, February 14, 2017      1 comments

Me and husband had Valentine's yesterday. We had steak. He is a very good guy. He surprised me with a new bird feeder and some things for the kitchen. Both things I love. I did go over calories though. Not happy about that. I will have to do ... Read more
Recovering after Bilateral Pulminary Embolisms
Tuesday, December 27, 2016      7 comments

The past 2 months have not been fun. I was suffering from what I thought was asthma and bronchitis. After several trips to the doctor, two different antibiotics, and lots of time off from work my doctor finally ordered a CT scan after seeing me ... Read more
Got to shoot a 50 caliber. OMG.
Sunday, October 21, 2012      3 comments

Yesterday was an amazing day. I belong to a forum group called Texas Gun Talk. We had a get together yesterday at a Gun Range called Hicksville. Me and my boyfriend went. It was AMAZING. Shooting guns is a good time any day of the week but add t... Read more
Friday, October 12, 2012      0 comments

I am sooo glad it's Friday. By 3:00 tomorrow I will have worked 52 hours this week. It has been a very long one. But I plan on making the most of the weekend and spending every minute of it doing something I love. This afternoon I'm going to se... Read more
Wednesday, October 03, 2012      1 comments

I am finding that there is always a way to get in a little exercise no matter where you are. I have been walking around the back room in my office for a couple weeks now. I set the alarm on my phone for every hour and get up and go walk for at ... Read more
Life's Changes
Wednesday, February 22, 2012      0 comments

I've been gone for a long time. But I'm back. Alot has changed. My husband and I have separated. We had an argument and he ended up in jail. He is gone for good. So now its just me and Serah. We have struggled but we are doing ok. He is li... Read more
Personal Goal reached.
Wednesday, October 12, 2011      4 comments

I am so surprised. Drum roll Please. After at least 5 years( probably closer to 10) I am under 300 lbs. I weighed this morning. I was afraid that I had gained instead of lost. I have not been exercising like I should. I have been eating ok thoug... Read more
Back on track.
Saturday, October 01, 2011      1 comments

Ok. I've had my "vacation" from doing what's right. Now I'm back. I got up at 7 this morning and went to the park. I walked two miles then had a plain bagel and orange juice for breakfast. I'm feeling a hundred percent better about myself now. I... Read more
Thursday, September 29, 2011      1 comments

It has been a hard couple of weeks. I have been so stressed at work that I cant sleep. My boss is back now so it should all go back to normal. Well in about a week anyway. I've been struggling to get exercise and I have been slacking off on my d... Read more

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