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Friday, April 16, 2021      2 comments

Felt uber-productive at work today... was on a roll helping people who were extra spicy, too! Could have avoided walking after work with a blister and sore feet getting me down and cooler, cloudy, gloomy weather. Instead I remembered I need to... Read more
Week 15
Wednesday, April 14, 2021      2 comments

Welcome to week 15! My goal starting Jan 1 was to lose 1 pound a week until July 2022. 15 weeks in and I’ve lost 16.6 pounds, so I’m still on track! Fr... Read more
New Music
Friday, April 09, 2021      2 comments

I caught a couple of SP articles with more music recommendations for my walking playlist... Zumba approved music, here I come! My car was released from the shop today... the fender bender I had on 3/28 is finally behind me, and on the plus side... Read more
Continued success
Wednesday, April 07, 2021      3 comments

It’s week 14 since the firs of the year... weigh in day!! Goal: lose 1 pound per week Starting weight: 218.6 Today’s weigh in: 202.8 Ahead of the game 🙌🏻 There were 2 weeks where I was behind, so I’m pretty excited to see that my pace is sus... Read more
Tuesday, April 06, 2021      4 comments

It’s glorious out today... glad I got my workouts in before the sun moved too high in the sky! 80 and sunny; and just chillin’ on the patio under a cano... Read more
Meal donation streak!
Monday, April 05, 2021      5 comments

If you haven’t ever heard of it (because I was sad I didn’t know sooner) there is an app called Vizer that will donate a healthy meal to a person in need every day that you complete 10,000 steps or complete 30 minutes of exercise a day... I’m on... Read more
Yay Easter!!
Saturday, April 03, 2021      3 comments

Easter is my favorite holiday. For its meaning and also for the candy. I always go too far on peeps, Cadbury caramel eggs and jellybeans. I think last year I made myself sick a dozen times eating too many jellybeans... you’d think I’d learn a... Read more
Wednesday, March 31, 2021      1 comments

In my signing up for Run Across America I learned about an app called Vizer that you can sync up to your iPhone activity - if you get 10,000 steps or are active for 30 minutes or more, they donate a healthy meal to someone in need! So far I c... Read more
Run Across America
Tuesday, March 30, 2021      3 comments

I signed up to run 250k between 3/14 and 6/12 through Run Across America! I’ve never done anything like that before but it seems like it’s for a good cause (they have a program that donates meals every day that you complete a workout or walk 10... Read more
Self Care
Saturday, March 27, 2021      3 comments

I’m 34 today... birthdays don’t have the zing they used to after 21. Nothing really exciting or happy about getting older. Honestly my husband (bless h... Read more
On track
Wednesday, March 24, 2021      3 comments

There have been ups, there have been downs. The goal is losing 1 pound a week from Jan 1 2021 to July 2022. Today is 12 weeks. Today is 12 pounds down. Other times in my life I would have seen the week with the half-pound gain and felt sorry... Read more
I hate this hill
Friday, March 19, 2021      6 comments

Hello. Today’s story is about a hill. But not just any hill. My subdivision is the hilliest. As in, the most and steepest hills. But this one pictur... Read more
Taco Tuesday
Tuesday, March 16, 2021      10 comments

Spanish rice Roasted corn Black beans Medium salsa Spring mix Sharp cheddar cheese Shredded chicken Flour tortilla Quoted by the hubs: 150 calories per,... Read more
Tomorrow is weigh-in dayyy
Tuesday, March 16, 2021      5 comments

Last week I went up 0.6 pounds, after being on point with my 1 pound loss per week goal since Jan 1. That was tough, but I found a lot of non-scale victories this week. I also hit a little bit of a wall- between rain and the same workouts con... Read more
Wednesday, March 10, 2021      4 comments

I have a bad mentality today... There are people in my house who I think truly cherish the time they spend rehashing old political topics and contributing to their collective echo chamber. They spend so much time in their day watching TV and t... Read more

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