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Jewelry Artist
Saturday, October 27, 2012      6 comments

I'm trying on that appellation. My class at the college ended yesterday and I have some basic skills. and a LOT of enthusiasm. ... Read more
The Need for Abundance
Thursday, September 20, 2012      8 comments

Julie Morgenstern's book "Organizing from the Inside Out" talks about the root causes for disorganization. One psychological obstacle of organizing is the need for abundance. The idea struck a chord, not only in terms of organizing the environme... Read more
My Best House Cleaning Advice - What's Yours?
Saturday, September 08, 2012      13 comments

HATE housecleaning. I also do research when I have a problem to solve, and continually tweak. Here's forty years of house cleaning experience, the less time I spend on cleaning, mor more I have for fun: Flylady's two mantras of putting on s... Read more
Before the Hurricane: The Energy of the Coming Storm
Saturday, August 25, 2012      9 comments

I was writing thanksgivings this morning and realized this part could be a blog entry. I love this unsettled weather: I know, I know there's a hurricane scheduled to... Read more
Sparkpeople Menus
Friday, August 24, 2012      6 comments

OK, I'm giving up. emoticon on the menus . It was a two week trial. And I've learned some things from the menus... Read more
Sparkpeople Smartphone App
Monday, August 20, 2012      4 comments

Downloaded the Sparkpeople app a couple of days ago onto my smartphone. I like that it has the Sparkpeople menus on it, with the capability that lets you check off food items as... Read more
Using Sparkpeople's Menus, Week One
Tuesday, August 14, 2012      6 comments

It's almost a week since I started using Sparkpeople's menus. They're magneted to the refrigerator. The good news is that I've lost a pound or three, this little experiment is resetting my internal menu habits, and interestingly, I'm bumpin... Read more
Overcoming Old Eating Habits, Surprise!
Friday, August 10, 2012      8 comments

Had a big surprise yesterday. I've been a member of Sparkpeople for quite a while now, was very successful in meeting my goal weight at one time by just walking, and then just abandoned the site, and my walking. Fair weather friend, huh? I ... Read more
On to Seattle
Friday, August 03, 2012      6 comments

This is an ongoing recounting of our trip to the "Left Coast" After I returned from my Mulmonuth falls hike, we traveled to Seattle, taking a serendipitous detour that took us along spectacular coastline. ... Read more
Goal Achieved!
Thursday, August 02, 2012      12 comments

This is part four of my vacation blog series. Last day in Portland. DH had booked the room on Hotwire. One way of using Hotwire is you don't know exactly which hotel you'll stay in, just the neighborhood, you make a commitment for a certain... Read more
Portland Exercise
Wednesday, August 01, 2012      5 comments

This entry is being called 'exercise' because I got a bit more than planned, but, hey. This is another entry of my Northwest Sojourn narrative. The next day of being in Por... Read more
Exploring Portland
Monday, July 30, 2012      6 comments

The second entry for our Northwest tour. This is a wonderful way to make a scrapbook, no gluing required, and you're welcome to come along. I woke early the first full day, no doubt because of the two hour time difference and went down to t... Read more
Summer Fun
Saturday, July 28, 2012      3 comments

It's been so long since I've blogged that I forgot where the "Add a Blog" button was. But found it today. Almost a year ago, my grand-nephew was born in Portland Oregon. His... Read more
An Exercise Jumpstart
Wednesday, March 16, 2011      8 comments

Here she is: Mishka, a little Siberian Husky. She's 15 weeks old tomorrow. I didn't really want her, but my DH did. I have to admit, she's really pretty delightful...... Read more
Live Like It's Heaven on Earth -- Walmart Christmas Miracle
Saturday, December 25, 2010      10 comments

My DH and I have been caring for my now 90 year old mother who has dementia for five years now. There's a book called "The 36 Hour Day" about caring for an elder like her. The title says everything. We didn't sit down and consciously decid... Read more

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