Day 7 - feeling more in control
Wednesday, June 27, 2012      0 comments

Last night I ran newbie practice and I felt like I was more energized and engaged than I had been in a long time. I was actively watching and giving feedback to them as they skated. Then we had a scrimmage with one of our crosstown rival's hom... Read more
Day 6 - feeling slightly less emo
Tuesday, June 26, 2012      0 comments

Last night I went to practice and I have to say when the specific people and problems that are driving me nuts aren't around roller derby truly is my happy place. I found myself pushing out of my comfort zone and trying to help newer skaters, w... Read more
Day 5? Who even knows...
Monday, June 25, 2012      3 comments

I had a less than desirable weekend. I did not exercise at all. I ate/drank a lot of stuff. And I didn't bother to track anything. However in the great tradition of Mondays I will start strong today! ... Read more
Day 2 - Feeling the love
Friday, June 22, 2012      0 comments

I went to practice last night and I really didn't give it my all, but I did go... That's a step in the right direction. I also recorded all of my food, and wrote in my derby journal. I can already see where I could make some diet changes. How... Read more
DAY 1 - again...
Thursday, June 21, 2012      0 comments

Ok, for far too long (basically since my birthday in April) I have foresaken my healthy lifestyle for one filled with booze, and cupcakes, and never exercising. I haven't been to the gym in forever. I made a deal with myself to finish my 90 da... Read more
Day 25 of 90
Thursday, January 26, 2012      1 comments

So, yesterday was a sleep-fest. I went to work and quickly realized the blister on my heel was going to be a problem. I hobbled my way through the day, and the end I realized there was no chance I was gonna shove it into my skate for two hours.... Read more
Day 13 of 90
Sunday, January 15, 2012      0 comments

So, today was pretty productive. Did some laundry (two giant loads really), got my hair did, worked out, and went bowling with my work peeps. I did eat some more pizza and indulged in the chocolate fountain, but my resolve is pretty week on th... Read more
i am the epitome of a YO YO.
Friday, October 01, 2010      0 comments

upsettingly enough, i am back to the weight i was at 2 months ago when i resparked my life. i would say that for one month i was motivated and on an upward spiral. however a few days not tracking my food turned into a few weeks of just eating ... Read more
no more wisdom teeth
Friday, August 06, 2010      0 comments

yikes, well as i had predicted sparking while on vacation didn't really happen. However i did make the effort to eat less and exercise. I swam laps, hiked, rock climbed. And split meals with my mom when she was there. Now that i've been ... Read more
vacation!!! yay!
Saturday, July 31, 2010      0 comments

finally, a vacation! first i'd like to report that i've been rocking the heels with minimal discomfort. by yesterday (friday) i was ready to take them off when i got home, however my feet were not sore throughout the day and i got lots of ... Read more
tracking fastidiously
Wednesday, July 28, 2010      0 comments

OOPSIE #1: Yesterday was very tough for me at my job. I had to go to a prolonged and intense meeting which resulted in me going home for lunch almost 2 hours later than normal. That meant when I got home I was stressed as hell and hungrier th... Read more
Sunday, July 25, 2010      1 comments

after the three and a half hours of roller derby that is. typically i allow myself to eat whatever i want on a sunday however i have decided starting today i will track it as accurately as possible. that way i'm more aware of what's going ... Read more
saturday! yay!
Saturday, July 24, 2010      0 comments

i've been extremely active today. got my interlock serviced, went to the gym, went shopping, had lunch with Mom, and have been crocheting my ass off. i also weighed myself again this morning refusing to believe i gained weight. well w... Read more
mrs. pizza
Thursday, July 22, 2010      0 comments

how can i say no when my sweet husband brought home a pizza for us to eat together? he works at papa murphy's and the pizzas are SO good. so here's my compromise: i will only have 3 slices and i will ask him to bring the veggie delight so i c... Read more
Wednesday, July 21, 2010      0 comments

crap sandwich! i gained 1.1 lbs. however, i feel AMAZING even though it's butt-ass early in the morning and my muscles feel all shaky. I refuse to let this deter me from my plan. i will keep eating healthy. i will keep sparking.... Read more

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