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Thursday, December 18, 2014      5 comments

This past week has been extremely exhausting for me. I have been so busy trying to balance the last week of work before break as well as stick to this decision to choose to live. It's so easy to want to not eat correctly, not exercise, not care ... Read more
Invisible Victories
Saturday, December 13, 2014      5 comments

This past week has been so busy but I've managed to stick to the plan. I have noticed small changes in myself. This makes me feel encouraged. However others can't see these victories. Does it matter? No, not really but it feels good to have your... Read more
Enjoying Food
Sunday, December 07, 2014      2 comments

I am learning how to enjoy food. I am enjoying shopping for healthy foods. I enjoy cooking, coming up with new, less fattening options for myself and my family. These are things that I never thought I would say. Yes, I've always loved cooking bu... Read more
Buying Into Living
Friday, December 05, 2014      4 comments

This week has been stressful for me. I have so many things happening in so many areas of my life (like majority of us) and when I am overwhelmed, I shut down. This would be so easy to do now. Part of me kept saying "You've just started" "You cou... Read more
Making the Effort
Tuesday, December 02, 2014      5 comments

After working 12 hrs and fighting an hour long commute home, I am exhausted. Cooking seemed like the abdolutely last thing I wanted to do so I decided to stop and pick up something. The first sign that my mindset is changing is the thought of Mc... Read more
Balancing Living and Everything Else
Monday, December 01, 2014      4 comments

Today was my first day back at work since I have began my journey. While the temptations to eat all the wrong stuff was minimal, I found the old negative me pondering "how am I going to do all of this?" The old me would use this as an excuse not... Read more
Am I Ready?
Sunday, November 30, 2014      6 comments

Today's message in church really touched me. This is the beginning of advent, the season of promise and anticipation for the coming of our Savior. The question that we were asked to ponder was "Are we ready?" Now in the spiritual sense it refers... Read more
Ummmm steps right???
Saturday, November 29, 2014      2 comments

One thing that has been determinant to me in the past is taking on too much at one time. I would start a new eating plan, exercise plan and inundate my life with too many changes at one time. This would overwhelm me and I would end up quitting. ... Read more
Early Rising and Eating Right
Saturday, November 29, 2014      5 comments

Normally I would sleep in on weekends, exhausted from the week. When I did get up I would go to the kitchen and prepare a huge breakfast feast. Being a Southern girl breakfast usually consisted of biscuits or pancakes, drowned in syrup, eggs, gr... Read more
This Girl is Cooking With Steam!
Friday, November 28, 2014      7 comments

I have just prepared my first meal using spark recipes. Although we won't be able to eat it tonight (I am using my new purchased slow cooker and the meal will take a while) I am excited for the fact that I even did it. I have always been a prett... Read more
Operation Change My Life
Friday, November 28, 2014      4 comments

Before leaving to go to the grocery store, I cleaned out the fridge, ridding it of all the crap that would no longer be a part of my life. See there are many things that won't survive this transition, that won't be allowed on the journey, and ho... Read more
Now the real work begins
Friday, November 28, 2014      2 comments

I got lost in the preparation and joy of the holiday over the last two days but now I am ready to focus. Today will be my grocery trip. My first trip to go shopping for the foods that will aid me through this journey. I anticipate the excitement... Read more
No better time than today to start!
Tuesday, November 25, 2014      10 comments

So, only I would choose to start LIVING two days before Thanksgiving. I have always liked to challenge myself! There is no better time than the present than to start living. I woke up today and said "No more". I can no longer allow myself to be... Read more