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Pecking Order
Tuesday, January 26, 2021      5 comments

Today I witnessed something that made me mad that I can't do anything about. I let the girls out this morning and they went right to eating their breakfast. The feeder is large enough for them all to eat comfortably at once. All of them were ... Read more
Double Yolker and a food fight
Thursday, January 21, 2021      9 comments

So one of the girls produced a giant goose egg again and when I cracked it open, low and behold, it possessed two yolks within! It's been many years since I've seen a double yolker, so this brought quite the thrill to my scrambled egg making ex... Read more
Dirt Water is preferred
Tuesday, January 12, 2021      7 comments

It's been a few days of torrential downpour around here. The girls, ever busy, have dug several holes in their run area. So, with the rain, and the holes. they have a few watering holes now as a couple have filled up with rain water. Yesterda... Read more
Chasing Chickens
Tuesday, January 05, 2021      8 comments

Oh my girls! Half of them have gone feral again due to lack of cuddling. I let them out to roam and when roaming hours are over and it's time for the round up, they do not cooperate easily. Two of them will still squat down and let me pick th... Read more
Far too cold weather for the girls of fine feather
Tuesday, December 29, 2020      8 comments

Several times over the past week we've woken up to frost on the ground. That means we break the ice in the chicken's water to start off our day. So, even though the water is under the covered portion of the run, it's COLD...even on the non-fro... Read more
Charged by The Little Red Hen
Wednesday, December 23, 2020      11 comments

Over the weekend is when I let the chickens out to roam. If It's raining heavily I have learned not to though, as they will seek shelter in places other than their run...which primarily means our covered deck. I have no problem with animals on... Read more
No Loss
Monday, December 14, 2020      8 comments

Well, weigh in day came and went. The scale did. Not. Move. Not even a pound down. Quite frankly, I'm not surprised. The work week was stressful and I was not at my best staying away from snacks. Will next week be better? Who knows? The w... Read more
One week down and a new addition
Monday, December 07, 2020      10 comments

My very generous parents called earlier in the week and said the addition to the chicken coop was complete and they would be driving over and delivering it along with lunch and homemade apple pie with apples from their trees. As it turned out m... Read more
Challenge Day 2- already knocked askew
Thursday, December 03, 2020      8 comments

So, I signed up for a SP winter weight loss challenge which began yesterday. Day one was fine- it always is. And today started out just fine and dandy too. However, when I arrived at work, the trouble began. We have a small office and a busi... Read more
Goose Egg
Sunday, November 29, 2020      7 comments

Well, it seems we've gone from one extreme to the other in the hen house. In my last blog I described the incredibly small "fairy egg" one of my girls laid. Today, when I went out to collect, there was a gigantic brown goose egg in the nesting... Read more
Fairy Eggs and New Challenge
Thursday, November 26, 2020      11 comments

A couple days ago I went out to clean the nesting boxes. When I opened them up, what to my wondering eyes should appear but one tiny egg of normal size nowhere near! Of course my initial reaction was to be concerned that one of my hens was sic... Read more
One more day til Friday
Friday, November 20, 2020      12 comments

What a long day. Work place drama due to varying perspectives on Jaydolf Inslee's new lock down requirements...will it ever end? Meanwhile, right after issuing a travel ban on everyone in Washington State for the holidays, he flew off to Hawai... Read more
Who Let the Chicks Out
Monday, November 16, 2020      7 comments

As it turns out, there are apparently several in my neighborhood who have taken up back yard chicken keeping. And upon walks through our neighborhood we've come to discover that the other chicken keepers let their flocks roam freely in their ba... Read more
Facing their fears
Saturday, November 14, 2020      12 comments

So, the pumpkin experiment is over. What I learned is that while some very brave chickens may in fact love pumpkins, my very chicken chickens do not. After waiting a day to see if they would warm up to it in it's whole form and seeing that the... Read more
Terrified of The Great Pumpkin
Friday, November 06, 2020      9 comments

According to the great google, chickens love pumpkins. They are chock full of vitamins and nutrients that keep living creatures, like my fair feathered friends, happy and healthy. Best yet, they are a self contained one dish meal (according to... Read more

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