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This made me eat.... a lot.
Monday, November 22, 2010      7 comments

Today, I had to put my 13 yr. old Boston Terrier to sleep. RIP LUCKY SHOWSTOPPER PATTERSON. How can I thank you for 13 yrs. of unconditionally loving me with no expectations; for always greeting us with happiness in your face no matter the pa... Read more
You ever wonder why?
Friday, October 01, 2010      4 comments

You ever wonder why some of us want to desperately loose weight, but we don't? I'm reading the old blog I wrote before this one on May 20, 2009!!! What?? May 20, 2009? We are way past the 2010 May. Where has my time gone? Although I've lost... Read more
Wednesday, May 20, 2009      5 comments

Ok, today I'm talking on the phone to someone and I walk outside to talk; turn around and gasp!! WHO is that, I thought to myself. I literally looked behind me thinking someone was in my garden. But that WHO was me. It was me standing s... Read more
Biggest Loser Finale...Wow
Wednesday, May 13, 2009      3 comments

I am so thrilled that the "older" people won both prizes. What an incredible weight loss they had. Helen won the big prize and Jerry (older gentleman who passed out) won the 2nd prize. When I saw how ripped Helen was and Tara was ... Read more
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
Tuesday, May 12, 2009      1 comments

Today is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. This is an illness I struggle with everyday. Please, if you have friends or family who also struggle with this, get knowledgeable about it. That way, you can be a great support to them. Here is ... Read more
need to make a plan
Saturday, May 09, 2009      2 comments

I need to make a plan. I've realized each day there are so many "interruptions" that I really need to have a plan written down for each day of what I'll eat and the exercises I'll be doing. I'm not very good at food planning. Why?? Beca... Read more
Wednesday, May 06, 2009      1 comments

Today was a challenge with my fibromyalgia and a bad knee right now. so I at least mowed the lawn although I have a riding lawn mower, we have a huge lot and it takes about 2 hours to mow; it's really bumpy!! Too many appointments today ... Read more
day 1
Tuesday, May 05, 2009      1 comments

day 1; did bootcamp kickbox 10 minute video. It's actually pretty easy except I have a knee injury. so I did it more lightly than I would have normally attacked it I will have to do a refrigerator clean out. I know it will take me a wh... Read more