The good and the bad
Wednesday, January 12, 2011      0 comments

Blog #5 - Moving on from a 'bad' choice As I was saying before in my blogs, I believe in good vs bad choices. I try to never tell my son he has been bad. Always that he has made a bad (or good) choice. That being said, I made a semi bad ... Read more
Tuesday, January 11, 2011      2 comments

Blog #4 - Accountability So I weighed in on Jan 2. I thought I had been doing well and keeping active. I try to get at least my 10k steps per day and eat right. When I saw that I had gained 8.4lbs over the course of december I felt devas... Read more
Seeing myself as Slim!
Wednesday, January 05, 2011      2 comments

Blog #3 Today I had a breakthrough and now I can actually picture myself slim. I don't want to say 'skinny' because I'm not setting an unrealistic goal of like 110lbs. I'm aiming for 150. Today when I started thinking about my birt... Read more
Friday, December 31, 2010      1 comments

Blog #2 : Resolutions So for the last day of the decade, and the last day of 2010 I have decided on a resolution. As I touched on in my last blog post, I will be decided to let go. Let go of all my preconceived notions on how things SHOU... Read more
So I've started a blog.
Thursday, December 30, 2010      4 comments

Blog #1 "Choices" So I find the beauty of life is that we all make our own choices. We can widdle it away to some plain excuses but in the end we have made the choice. I hate Drama. My family seems ripe with it. My brother and hi... Read more

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