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Exercising. What's better for YOU, personally?
Sunday, December 08, 2019      7 comments

I always hear people talking about going to the Gym to exercise, and many of those same folks always seem to complain about not having enough time in their day for many other things. I get it, I really do. But I discovered (and this work... Read more
Water, Water everywhere
Friday, December 06, 2019      7 comments

I'm very excited! I just bought myself a water filter/purifier, and it's a good one. I just got so tired of buying cases of water bottles and then having to make trips to the bottle drop recycle center to turn in the empties. Our city water s... Read more
No more Food tracking!
Friday, May 03, 2019      3 comments

So after roughly a month of tracking my food/calorie counts, I have become accustomed to what I can eat and still maintain a healthy weight loss. I am still tracking my exercise, well, because that is who I am. I love exercising, whether it's... Read more
Beautiful weather makes for great exercise
Friday, April 26, 2019      3 comments

So today, I slept in a bit, as I was catching up on a late night earlier in the week. But it's all good! We just need to listen to out bodies, and give them what they need. I got up, fixed my breakfast and Zephyr's, then went out for a sh... Read more
Hungry all the time it seems
Thursday, April 25, 2019      2 comments

So I have learned something new. I have been trying to stay at the lower end of my calorie range, and it has worked out well, giving me some good lb losses. But I have noticed that I tend to eat every 3-4 hours. And now, with my increased exe... Read more
Making Super progress, so taking a Free day
Wednesday, April 24, 2019      2 comments

In addition to eating healthier, concentrating on eating more fruits and vegies, plus drinking enough water, I have also been very good at my exercise. I walk Zephyr at least 3 times a week, a mile each, and on alternate days from my walking, I... Read more
Great day to be alive and well
Thursday, April 18, 2019      3 comments

Since I have been restarting eating healthier and tracking my foods, I have dropped 5 lbs over the last month, ... Read more
One little slip yesterday WILL NOT affect me
Sunday, April 14, 2019      3 comments

So yesterday I went over my calorie range. I am NOT concerned about this in the least. Yesterday was an odd day for me, as I had to get up at 0500, to be at work at 0630, in order to work a youth softball tournament. I am not a morning person... Read more
Walking the Dog. Good for me and for Zephyr
Friday, April 12, 2019      4 comments

Took another walk with the dog today. I found a better tracker to use for steps, distance, time, and calories burned. This one is the SAMSUNG HEALTH app, so if you have a Samsung smartphone, you should have it. I have found it to be much more... Read more
I'm floating my boat and I feel terrific
Wednesday, April 10, 2019      2 comments

I have been eating primarily a vegie diet, only for a month, for two reasons; 1) to get myself better accustomed, and in the habit of eating more vegies, and 2) to help kickstart my weight loss. I am also very diligent about drinking my 8 glass... Read more
Feeling great.
Monday, April 01, 2019      2 comments

I got my dog and myself fed early and then we went for a short quick walk. Weather is overcast and most likely will rain at some point, but we got a short walk in before that will happen. We just waked around the block, a little less than half... Read more
NIce little surprise
Sunday, March 31, 2019      1 comments

Our forecast was for rain today, a 70% chance, so imagine my surprise waking up to clear blue sunny skies. I decided to take advantage of the nice weather, and get my walk in with my dog, before the weather turns ugly. I hurriedly fed the dog... Read more
A healthy lifestyle just makes you feel so terrific
Friday, March 29, 2019      5 comments

So I am back on SP after a few years being away. I have started tracking my food and exercise, and just in my third day of tracking my food, and I just can feel so much better. I have noticed one thing about me. I really only eat two meals a... Read more
Fitness apps
Sunday, November 21, 2010      6 comments

OK, it's been awhile since I blogged. I got a new phone, the HTC EVO, and have had it about 6 weeks. I LOVE this phone! I waited 3-4 months to get this phone because Sprint constantly had it on backorder; so that time gave me the time to thin... Read more
A four month break....and I have paid for it :)
Sunday, June 06, 2010      2 comments

OK, it's been awhile since I posted a blog.....actually, it's been awhile since I've done a lot of things. I sort took a few steps backward and gained my pounds back. After I completed the Spark Bootcamp in January, everything just kinda went.... Read more

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