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Off track but important....
Friday, May 29, 2015      11 comments

All this weather and the floods and all have made me stop and think...and appreciate .. Talking to a lil gal at the bank and she is like...OMG you lost so much,,your car you loved..and so much damage to your house...I would be in tears or... Read more
When life becomes too much then wine...I mean Whine!!!
Thursday, May 28, 2015      9 comments

emoticon ... Read more
Oldies ...songs that is!!!
Friday, May 22, 2015      5 comments

For some reason tonite every time I look at a picture or think of an activity one of the moldy oldies pops into my mind! Tis a lovely happening and I am enjoying it greatly...kind of my own private blast from the past!! ... Read more
Life sometimes gets in the way of
Monday, May 18, 2015      6 comments

Just as I thought things were pretty smooth...and going well ...humph...nature set out to show me who is boss! Thas ok..just set back a bit..but not done in!! ... Read more
Setting Goals....
Thursday, May 14, 2015      9 comments

Half of the entire process is mental...one must believe they can ..then indeed ..they CAN! Setting goals is another part of the process.. .a pa... Read more
Just thoughts
Wednesday, May 13, 2015      6 comments

In reading..posts, blogs, notes on social media there is a serious issue with negative thought So much of what I read and see reflects either self criticism , demeaning of self or others, and just downright negative thoughts that over flow int... Read more
My treadmill needs a new belt and other excuses....
Monday, May 11, 2015      9 comments

The list is nearly endless and I am sure there are many other excuses out there that I have not even thought of..although I do have a rather impressive group of them gathered up for my defense to be applied at any time ! ... Read more
Reporting in from Slackerville!
Monday, May 11, 2015      6 comments

Almost an accurate picture..no snacks stacked by the chair at least! The rain and none stop storm kinda crunched me down to Zombie mode. Not an excuse...a fact! It has... Read more
Thankful for sunshine and good days!
Friday, May 01, 2015      4 comments

Today was spent as I love to spend my days..outside doing stuff! A bit of gardening..a lot of mowing and some carpentry. There is just something about doing that kind of work that is so rewarding to me. I can look at it and feel..Wow I got som... Read more
Sunshine , happy tunes and gentle breezes!
Wednesday, April 29, 2015      4 comments

emoticon Things that make me want to dance! Feeling fit and comfy in my clothes, being able to walk down the... Read more
Temptation surrounds me...
Monday, April 27, 2015      3 comments

I suppose as it does everyone in some sense or another. Between Fast Food places and Carry Out....lunches at work and parties for BD , Retirement , etc. Then the weekend grind of BBQ's and Block Parties. So the fact that I feel tempted is not ... Read more
Tis Raining and Tis Lovely!
Monday, April 27, 2015      6 comments

Chatting with my son this evening and at the same time we said...isn't it amazing how green everything gets with just a nice rain! DH stated it is cause all the dust gets washed off.. ... Read more
Reviewing Eating Program and re-evaluating
Friday, April 24, 2015      7 comments

I have tried several eating plans...diets..good, bad and extreme. Some worked for a time.. some just made me ill and some were too difficult to stick to for me! I have been doing some serious analysis of my eating habits and reviewing the... Read more
Accountability..yep..thas what I miss...
Wednesday, April 22, 2015      4 comments

Now that might sound wrong..but a full grown responsible adult needs to report in??? Yeah...indeed..it helps to keep me focused and on track. So during break we will be reporting to each other and leaning on the support of our teamma... Read more
Do We Preform better Under Pressure?
Tuesday, April 21, 2015      6 comments

As I was winding up my day I just had a thought...one of those outta the blue things ya know! Twas that ...if I do not get serious and get with it...my next apptmnt with my doc she said.. We will be looking at that B/P and probably st... Read more

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