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What a day!!
Wednesday, March 14, 2018      11 comments

Yep that about sums it up. Have you ever reached that point where you are too tired to move! I keep telling me ..Hey ole Gal..you are not a youngster... Read more
Tuesday 13th
Wednesday, March 14, 2018      9 comments

Wow nearly half the month gone!! and the third month of the year nearly tucked in the book! How's your progress ?? Reaching any mini goals? Hitting any high points? I am thinking that quarterly is a good time to review,,adjust if need... Read more
Monday the 12th
Monday, March 12, 2018      10 comments

I know everyone of us has had one of THOSE days...today it was my turn. Minor rodeo getting Halter on Skinner. He hates them all he has to do is see one and you cannot get close to him at all. DS came over and we got it done..who am I fooli... Read more
Sunday the 11th
Monday, March 12, 2018      8 comments

Up and about early..dad gum daylite savings ..I was messed up all day until I finally realized that I had forgotten to move the one clock I always check up...sigh.. Now on the new version of time. for all the difference it makes. After... Read more
Saturday the 10th
Saturday, March 10, 2018      6 comments

That used to be my pay the bills day..no matter what else was happening in the world..bills got paid on the 10th. That would be an indication that I was once organized...hmmm I do believe that I was more disciplined and organized when I was w... Read more
Tis Friday...Week end ahead!!
Friday, March 09, 2018      6 comments

Although it is somewhat true that retired folks do not get as excited over weekends as worker bees do..it still is important to us. The days to visit grandkids..go to family get togethers , and other activities that can only happen when worker ... Read more
Another Lovely Busy Day..
Friday, March 09, 2018      10 comments

DS and DIL were over to work on the North wall of Skinners stall. Got that almost done..just a couple of boards to put up tomorrow and it will be almost as good as new! Tyler ..my late pup, was a digger ,,I mean serious digger! Multiple larg... Read more
Crazy daze....
Wednesday, March 07, 2018      8 comments

took my car in to get it checked..ended up needing a new power steering pump..ahhh hadn't budgeted for that. But gotta have it. At least I will know it is in as good a shape as it can be! Then to SAM's with DS and DIL..got the stuff we need... Read more
Wow ..great day!!
Tuesday, March 06, 2018      7 comments

Sunshine and not too much of a breeze for most of the day! My Son came over and rebuilt a wall that had blown down..tomorrow he will repair the other wall that Skinner has just chewed chunks out of ..doing what is called "cribbing" . It is ... Read more
Another windy day
Monday, March 05, 2018      6 comments

But seriously am NOT complaining...a lil bit of wind..not any destruction..well OK one not well built wall blew over..but we expected that! Will be repairing that next day or so..no biggie! Chicks are growing really fast..never had this bre... Read more
Mtn Winds mean Spring?
Sunday, March 04, 2018      8 comments

The winds have been roaring for days now..but I know that is something that happens every Spring. It is about the only thing that is "normal" so far this season. The storms on each coast have me just frightened for my friends and the many people... Read more
Have A Wonderful Sunday
Saturday, March 03, 2018      11 comments

prayers for those on both coasts and other areas that are being battered by Mother Nature! Long day today and tired body and mind tell me it is... Read more
Town day...
Friday, March 02, 2018      10 comments

It was go today or go tomorrow ..and Saturday in town is just not my idea of fun. If the crazy drivers are out during the week..well all their absolutely off the edge cousins appear on the weekend..and all of them are in cars!!! We went to ... Read more
Cold Breezes Full Moon
Thursday, March 01, 2018      8 comments

The sun fooled me all day..it looked so warm and lovely out there...the wind was bitter cold. Then tonite I walked out with the flood lights on to be met with a huge beautiful moon! I dashed back in and turned the lights out. It was like some... Read more
Government ???
Wednesday, February 28, 2018      6 comments

Briefly..I had to go to town to take care of some business that could have been taken care of if the clerk in office A had walked across the hall to office B ..and said this is for you.. But nope...it had to be sent with a form letter and a no... Read more

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