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Friday 18th
Saturday, May 19, 2018      8 comments

Crazy storms tonite..we are getting lots of wind..but no hail yet at least. Colo. Springs , only 32 miles north of us has hail so heavy it looks like snow!! I was really hoping for rain..but not the hail..I just do not wanna lose my baby plants... Read more
Wednesday continued
Wednesday, May 16, 2018      8 comments

Pic of planted strawbales. Plus..trying a new to me weed control. I read if you poir boiling water on weeds it will do them in. I tried it on a couple ... Read more
Wednesday, May 16, 2018      10 comments

Yesterday I worked outside till I was ready to drop, but got a lot done. Strawbales prepared & ready to plant. Did some yard clean up ..felt good about ... Read more
Monday 14th
Monday, May 14, 2018      7 comments

Had a good-bad day yesterday...woke feeling bad ..but a quick call to the doc and meds on board..I was perking away...Fixed a kicking good meal for all of us..It is my sons BD tomorrow...I told him to count MD as his BD dinner too..not up to two... Read more
Sunday 13th
Monday, May 14, 2018      9 comments

First I hope everyone had a good day..all the Mum's out there...be it 2 legged or 4 legged kids we love 'em !! Tis nice there is a special day to celebrate all that Mum's do without any thought of reward or recognition. I used my new p... Read more
Sat 12th
Sunday, May 13, 2018      8 comments

Went wandering thru an Estate Sale today. Advertised lots of good stuff...someone must have gotten it all before we got there. Was more like a "left over from other estate sales" type sale! One man's junk is indeed another man's treasure!! G... Read more
Friday, May 11, 2018      8 comments

So ..another week almost in the bag. I did pretty good. Stayed within my calories in..went over on my calories out. Main issue is there is still too much fat and not enough protein in my diet. Not really heavy on carbs...but am going to review... Read more
Thursday, May 10, 2018      10 comments

I fear this is going to be a Long Hot Summer. Already in the 90's here!! I have had a small HA all day from the heat...just do not tolerate heat well at all! My son came over to set up the swampcooler..but we need to install a new valve...... Read more
Wed 9th
Wednesday, May 09, 2018      9 comments

Absolutely crazy day at SAM's..always exhausted after...plus not sleeping enough due to the women that live in the House by the River. If I don't finish that book soon I will collapse from lack of sleep. Everytime I think I am done...there is ju... Read more
Tuesday, 8th
Wednesday, May 09, 2018      6 comments

today after several days of various stress related issues I decided all of us needed a get away! Loaded up Son, DIL and DH, packed a picnic and went to where I can always find peace. Up to the mtns where I can refresh both body and mind. ... Read more
Monday 7th...
Monday, May 07, 2018      7 comments

Kind of a day 1...for this new focus.... Rough day with DH...he just was not in a good place. Although he does not say a lot or even do much, there are these waves that eminate off of him of massive ??? discontent? I don't know the right w... Read more
Sunday 6th
Monday, May 07, 2018      6 comments

New week begins...dedication and consistency needed. Sometimes I think I would like to get packaged meals that say...You eat this only! ahhh but those are mucho bucks ..so I need to get on fire and go build my own!! Cut way back on brea... Read more
Lovely Day..Sat 5th
Saturday, May 05, 2018      11 comments

We had a perfect day for the BBQ. Sunny but no wind..no threats of storms rolling over the mtns. And thus far the bugs have not arrived. A few flies but not like they will be soon. We have what we call Miller Season here..they get so thick th... Read more
Friday 4th
Friday, May 04, 2018      7 comments

I am stunned...where did the week go? I was ready to argue that today was Thursday, but then had to admit yesterday was Thursday..that makes this Friday...isn't that how it goes? Seriously am so tired I am not sure! Today my son and DIL ... Read more
Thursday 3rd
Thursday, May 03, 2018      7 comments

Kind of a day off ...just to the feed store..they had chicks!!! emoticon Really cute and unusual ones, I stood t... Read more

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