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June 15th
Saturday, June 16, 2018      4 comments

Only here two weeks and already taller than Daisy. Her legs must be made out of rubber and she stretches them out at night chewing and pulling on th... Read more
Friday, June 15, 2018      9 comments

This silly pup is at the moment the focus of my life! She remembers to go outside to do her duty..I feel like a proud mama! She runs around and ... Read more
Wednesday, June 13, 2018      9 comments

Yesterday I let stupid over take my brain. I know I cannot tolerate heat..but felt bad that there was no cool water for critters. So,yep, I was out there too long. Ended up feeling like a damp washcloth ..just wrung out! Poor me? NO stupid me! ... Read more
Tuesday, June 12, 2018      4 comments

Isn't it great that life is never boring? No matter how calm or steady your life may be..stop to think..appreciate and realize never ever should one think of their life as boring. I think Steady..or Stable might be better words. No huge highs o... Read more
June 10
Sunday, June 10, 2018      10 comments

Unbelievable...almost half the month gone already. When younger it seemed each day took an eternity now I lose track cause they go by so fast..Not fair!! Nice day with neighbors..had a BBQ and a visit. Too hot to stay out for long ..so home... Read more
June 9th
Sunday, June 10, 2018      8 comments

First and foremost... emoticon the support and understanding really helped..and a very amusing remark just made my ... Read more
June 8th
Friday, June 08, 2018      11 comments

I promised me earlier this year that if I could not post positive I would not post. So this is a NO post. I am tired and discouraged and need to break down to have a good cry. No need to go into detail..just the one of the things that gave m... Read more
June 7th
Thursday, June 07, 2018      11 comments

Ever notice how rapidly the days go by! Or is it me? I think it was just April or some such a few days ago. Today I was a living example of how not to eat..I just went off the rails bad. But I did get lots of fruit at the store..and go... Read more
experiment...June 6th
Wednesday, June 06, 2018      11 comments

I have been trying to post pics and have not been able to access them since the last Windows update...Why do they have to fix something when it is not broke!! I guess security and all that but it is so frustrating to have something work one da... Read more
June 5th
Wednesday, June 06, 2018      10 comments

Wow ..where did yesterday go? Oh well it is gone..and thas that.. Today was up early to town to beat the heat. Well we almost made it. We headed home at about the time we usually go in..temp had already soared to 96 in town..only 93 at hom... Read more
June 3rd
Monday, June 04, 2018      9 comments

Lazy laid back day..over cast...cool ..even rainy! The kind of day just made for naps and early bedtimes! It actually got down right cold, had to close windows and came close to building a fire to ward off the chill! Rain was lovely ...got ca... Read more
June 2nd
Saturday, June 02, 2018      9 comments

Ahhh the weekend..time to relax and recoup for the week...right? Wishful thinking! Already have a full bucket with critters, yard and house..then added puppyville. Walking around singing.... ... Read more
June 1st....
Saturday, June 02, 2018      8 comments

Offically half the year...wow. I have been spending some time reading success stories. Then wondering why I seem to not being able to achieve my goals. I have to say honestly I pop in here and pop in there on meal planning..but have kept my calo... Read more
Thursday the 31st, Officially called Molly's Day
Friday, June 01, 2018      14 comments

Today was a day to celebrate...we brought Molly home. As it turns out it was a stroke of luck that we got to the shelter when we did. There had been a change in the schedule and my hold expired last nite..so if anyone had come in before me they ... Read more
Wed 30th
Thursday, May 31, 2018      9 comments

Business first..the Summer Challenge is coming up and teams are filling up..so please check out the %5 Summer Challenge to find some great teammates! Would you like to be encouraged on a team that has helped thousands to regain happiness th... Read more

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