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September 11~ a sad day of memorials
Wednesday, September 11, 2019      14 comments

So many memorial services, and still people suffering and dying from the effects of that tragic day. It moves me to tears and also reminds me of the nations all over the world that are dealing with warfare in their homelands. Another warm ... Read more
Tuesday...Town for groceries day
Tuesday, September 10, 2019      11 comments

Shopping just is not my favorite sport! If the stores delivered this far out I might consider using their "we will shop for you"..Actually no! I like to look at , read labels, and choose what I want. We left early to avoid the crowds...g... Read more
September 9~ Summer peeked back in today!
Monday, September 09, 2019      10 comments

After enjoying at least cooler temps...Summer pushed the door open and dashed back in today. I am glad we got done what we did yesterday..it would have been too hot to work out there today. Pete was on his way mid-morning. Places to go and ... Read more
September 8th~Got a lot done today!!
Sunday, September 08, 2019      10 comments

Yesterdays trip up Phantom Canyon was fun. We got something to eat on the way home... Too tired to BBQ...just visited for a while..looked some stuff over and called it a day..but sure was a fun day. I appreciate the support that the club gave ... Read more
September 7th~ day in the mountains
Saturday, September 07, 2019      10 comments

Really tired ...will post pics and more tomorrow. It is absolutely necessary to close my lil eyes before they shut down on their own.... ... Read more
September 6th~ New critter on the block
Friday, September 06, 2019      12 comments

Tammy was beyond herself happy. One of our neighbors moved his horse to the pasture directly across the road from Tammy n Gene's place. She got up..sat on the porch and chatted with the horses over the fence! Then called me and was like...Is the... Read more
September 5~Again the days zoom by!
Friday, September 06, 2019      8 comments

The 5% challenge zoomed past the start gate today....Woo Hoo...go teams!! The Emerald Gems are a great bunch and I love being on team with them all! Another scorcher here..but after watching the news..geeze ..one coast washing away and be... Read more
September 4th~ We got Rain!
Wednesday, September 04, 2019      9 comments

I slept thru it but was so thrilled to wake to the screens being damp and a bit of dampness on the ground! Not much..but any is sure welcome .It has been so dry and hot! Checked my tomatoes tonight..they decided that it was time to do thei... Read more
September 3~ another warmish? day!
Tuesday, September 03, 2019      7 comments

I keep reminding me to not complain at least there is not a hurricane headed to your house..but out there in the sun , dripping sweat and feeling kinda light headed from the head..it is hard at times to keep an attitude of gratitude! But I keep... Read more
September 2nd~A Good Labor Day to ALL
Tuesday, September 03, 2019      11 comments

Setting records in the heat area here, 102 is not my favorite temperature I can say for sure! We had planned a BBQ over at Gene's. I had called off cause it was so hot. ... Read more
September 1~ A Pleasant Sunday
Sunday, September 01, 2019      8 comments

Just a kick back day..I guess. I did some re-arranging in the front room, cleaned a bit but it was ho hum and done! I still need to put the freshly laundered sheers up.. that can wait for AM. Right now storm is rolling in or by..not sure wh... Read more
August 31st~ another month gone!
Saturday, August 31, 2019      9 comments

Doesn't it just seem like not so long ago we were hoping for the warmer days of summer? Now we are on the rail signaling for the cooler brisker days of Fall to come on down the track! As the year rolls on and the seasons change we need to ap... Read more
August 30th,Friday
Saturday, August 31, 2019      13 comments

I need to type that it is Friday cause...I thought for over half the day today that it was Saturday! I was operating on my Saturday schedule..except I had to go to town for feed..that does not happen on the weekend ..but some how I had not mad... Read more
August 29~ This week is almost a wrap!
Thursday, August 29, 2019      6 comments

The weather was kind to us and it kinda cooled off this afternoon. Clouds rolled over the sun and there was a bit of a breeze! Nice! To all our friends, family and others in Florida...Duck..take cover and take this storm seriously! It looks ... Read more
August 28th~ Tired of "What day is it Mikie?" yet!
Thursday, August 29, 2019      8 comments

I guess there are no other days of the week that fit a joke like Wednesday does..huh! Some folks posted some cute ones with various pictures of camels..of course! The struggle was real this PM. For the first time in some time..I was just ... Read more

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