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Have a Healthy Week End
Saturday, May 25, 2013      16 comments

Hoping everyone has a healthy and safe Holiday week end... I have my meals planned and a few treats as well....... We will be working mostly at the house this week end and for some time to come... Gary got the carpet out, and used ... Read more
the keys are here
Thursday, May 23, 2013      26 comments

We are so happy, yesterday afternoon we finally got the keys to the new house.... Now the real work begins....the house was turn key ready but we want to add some of our touches to the place.....well almost ....we are having hardwood floors pu... Read more
Healthy Tuesday
Tuesday, May 21, 2013      12 comments

It was hot and stuffy last night....the A/C in this house doesn't work in our bedroom...So I was up early and needed to get out and get some fresh air....I decided to walk outside and I walked at a brisk pace for over 60 minutes... Read more
The Spark Solution
Sunday, May 19, 2013      16 comments

The first week is done, and I enjoyed the menu plans, I did not follow them exactly but it gave me ideas how to plan new meals for myself.. I got the book because I wanted to see what the menu plan was...and to do something different.. I li... Read more
More waiting
Saturday, May 18, 2013      11 comments

found out the people still have not gotten all there things out of the house but promised it would be don't by we wait...but at least we know... DH and I went for a day drive out to the Amish shops.. we both enjoy this very much,... Read more
Pacing the floors
Friday, May 17, 2013      17 comments

We closed on the house yesterday, and we had expected to get the keys today, as we were told the sellers wanted out earlier than talked about ..... but so far no call to come get the I have been pacing the floors and outside....I a... Read more
making pies
Wednesday, May 15, 2013      22 comments

today I made a few pies....My Dad just loves home made apple pies, so I am trying to baking him pies at least twice a month, a little something I can do for the guy who did so much for me all my life.... getting stuff ready for the new house... Read more
water softener
Tuesday, May 14, 2013      12 comments

The house we are buying has a water softener system....I am a bit concerned about the extra sodium that it will have....I read a few articles and they say it's not that big of a deal for most people.... I'm wondering what others think about it... Read more
Friday, May 10, 2013      15 comments

I finally got my Spark Solution Book last night...UPS delivered it after 6pm.. It has a lot of good easy quick recipes and some really fun graphs and or charts to help get you on track.. I have not had time to read much of it, just skimming ... Read more
Another wonderful day
Tuesday, May 07, 2013      16 comments

We took my Godmother/Aunt out today for lunch...She is 78 years old...what a delightful time we had.. She lives near the house where the 3 girls who were held captive for ten years, it has been on the new since yesterday....I worry about her ... Read more
wonderful people
Monday, May 06, 2013      23 comments

I had a very heart warming day.... I went over to my Dad's and while there one of his neighbors called and asked for me to please stop over before I went home....They have lived there a long time but i have to admit I never got to know them re... Read more
Happy Sunday
Sunday, May 05, 2013      15 comments

The just flew by....I am having another restless night....I have been awake since's now nearly 5am..guess I'll but my work out clothes on and ride my bike for a should be an easy day, I'm going to make pies and take to my Dad... Read more
Happy May Day
Wednesday, May 01, 2013      16 comments

Have a healthy day..... I have a very busy day planned so I'm making this short and sweet Have a healthy day, do what ever you can to get one step closer to your goal..... I will be outside most of the day walking and getting a lot o... Read more
Saturday, April 27, 2013      18 comments

I wan to thank everyone for the goodies, and post on my spark page.... they are all wonderful , like all of you...... I usually send each one a thank you but today is so busy and I did not want to wait to say thank you.... the sun is sh... Read more
The real secret to weight loss
Friday, April 26, 2013      36 comments

I bet I have your attention now... There is no real secret....eating less and moving more is what works....Funny when I tell people this they look surprised, or say something like I tried that once it didn't work for me.... Well it's going t... Read more

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