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long joke
Wednesday, February 24, 2021      10 comments

A boy worked in the produce section of the supermarket. A man came in and asked to buy half a head of lettuce. The boy told him they only sold whole heads of lettuce, but the man was persistent. The boy said he'd go ask his manager what to do... Read more
laugh or two
Tuesday, February 23, 2021      11 comments

What did the Northerner say to the Pillsbury Doughboy? "Hey, man---nice tan." Where do you find the trees in far north? Between da twos and da fours. Temps in mid 70s today. Hard to understand how the weather can swing so far one ... Read more
joke book joke
Monday, February 22, 2021      11 comments

Guy #1: You know, once it got so cold in the North... Guy #2: How cold did it get? Guy #1: So cold, I woke up in the morning and found these little chunks of ice in my bed, and when I warmed them up they went, pppppppppppppppp. Today... Read more
Happy Sunday with small joke
Sunday, February 21, 2021      7 comments

If a Palestinian and a Minnesotan get married, what do they name their child? Yasir Yabetcha Have a great day.... Read more
No joke
Saturday, February 20, 2021      12 comments

Well, after working so hard and losing almost 9 # since the first of the year, I blew it all in a miserable week of eating everything in sight and doing no exercise. Gained about 5 # back again in that week. Also due to power outage, I lost my... Read more
Power back on and a joke
Thursday, February 18, 2021      12 comments

The placekicker tried to commit suicide after they lost the big game. He got the rope around his neck, but he couldn't kick the bucket out from under him. As predicted it got really cold Monday night and about 3 am the power went out. My... Read more
jokes day 353
Monday, February 15, 2021      14 comments

Did you hear that Denny Green wouldn't let the Vikings eat cereal? When they get close to a bowl, they choke. Why are most jokes so short? So the people they are for can remember them. In 20s with white stuff on roofs and ground (n... Read more
jokes day 352
Sunday, February 14, 2021      15 comments

On his first day at work, a recent University graduate was handed a broom by his new boss and told to sweep the floor. He looked at the boss with disgust and said, "Hey! I'm a graduate of the University, you know!" The manager took the broo... Read more
jokes day 351
Saturday, February 13, 2021      12 comments

Why do some people hate to make chocolate chip cookies? It takes too long to peel the M&M's. What about the man who went to the library and checked out a book called 'How to Hug'? He got home and found out it was volume seven of the enc... Read more
jokes day 350
Friday, February 12, 2021      17 comments

So this woman died and went to heaven. St. Peter said, "Before I let you in, you have to pass a test." "Oh no," said the woman. St. Peter said, "Don't worry. This is easy. Just answer this question: Who was God's son?" The woman though... Read more
jokes day 349
Thursday, February 11, 2021      12 comments

Why don't some women make Jell-O? They can't figure out how to get two cups of water into those little bags. Why don't some people eat pickles? They can't get their heads in the jar. I called again yesterday afternoon and was able ... Read more
jokes day 348
Wednesday, February 10, 2021      12 comments

Why do women use birth-control pills? So they'll know what day of the week it is. And why do they stop using birth-control pills? Because the pills keep falling out. Stayed up late watching movie with older son. I might need a nap so... Read more
jokes day 347
Tuesday, February 09, 2021      13 comments

Two women were sitting in the doctor's waiting room. One of them was crying. The other woman asked, "Why are you crying?" The first woman replied, "I came here for a blood test, and they had to cut my finger." Upon hearing this, the second... Read more
jokes day 346
Monday, February 08, 2021      12 comments

The man came to Minneapolis to see the sights and asked the hotel clerk about the time of meals. "Breakfast is served from seven to eleven, dinner from twelve to three, and supper from six to eight," explained the clerk. "Look here," inquired ... Read more
jokes day 345
Sunday, February 07, 2021      14 comments

How do you know when a non-computer person has been using your computer? There are eraser marks on the screen. Did you hear about the man who stayed up all night to see where the sun went? It finally dawned on him. Happy Sunday! I... Read more

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