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Friday, August 12, 2011      9 comments

I started off great getting back on track both with food plans and walking, but now since Sunday after a long 4 1/2 mile walk the top of my foot over the arch is very painful. I have held off walking for a few days hoping that would help but it ... Read more
Sunday, July 24, 2011      7 comments

I just want to thank you all for the warm congratulatory messages you left me, I was very touched by all the kind words. It's weird because in one way it seems like the time has just flown by and in another way it feels like I have been away fr... Read more
I Did It!
Tuesday, July 19, 2011      16 comments

Dear Spark People friends, I have been away for quite some time putting all my time and energy into the Certified Nutritional Consultant course I was taking. I completed the course and all the course work and took the final exam and received t... Read more
Thursday, January 06, 2011      9 comments

Hi Spark friends. I'm sorry that I have been absent for awhile seems so much has happened. As the title of this blog indicates I have experienced some emotional and also physical pain. On November 22nd I lost a very dear friend to cancer. Sh... Read more
Thursday, November 25, 2010      7 comments

Thanksgiving Day, my how things have changed. It used to be that on this day my home would be filled with family and loved ones, fast forward to today and a dinner out with my son and daughter-in-law, it just didn't seem right. Don't get me... Read more
Sunday, November 14, 2010      7 comments

Hello team members. Several of you asked to see photos of the Coronation Party for my Red Hat Society chapters new Vice Queen so I thought this was the quickest way to do it. Here they are: ... Read more
Monday, September 27, 2010      9 comments

I have been reading Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's book Prevent and Reverse Heart disease. He is really strict on what he expects of his heart patients especially when it comes to animal products and fats. I wanted to share this quote from his book ... Read more
Sunday, September 26, 2010      6 comments

Well, since my dream to be a Grandma doesn't seem to be happening I am happily "Surrogate Grandma" to Asha. Asha is my daughter-in-laws sister's beautiful little girl. Asha's biological Grandma's don't live locally so the family had asked me ... Read more
Thursday, September 09, 2010      3 comments

I have finished with all 8 CD's of Dr. Weil's lectures for my course and learned so much. We covered the difference between healing and treating, the mind-body-spirit connection, stress and your health, characteristics of the optimum diet, vita... Read more
Monday, September 06, 2010      3 comments

I just listened to a most interesting lecture, part of the course I am taking, on aging by Dr. Andrew Weil. He spoke about the Okinawan people having the highest rate of longevity world wide. He expalins that longevity is not attributed to gen... Read more
Thursday, September 02, 2010      5 comments

As I mentioned in my previous blog the course I am taking starts with an 8 CD Disc lecture by Dr. Andrew Weil called "Guide to Optimal Helath". It is really interesting and I am learning a lot. I am familiar with Dr. Weil from reading short ar... Read more
Sunday, August 29, 2010      4 comments

Dear Spark Friends, first I want to thank you all for your encouragement and support as I start this new chapter in my life, it means the world to me to know I have so many wonderful, caring friends here. Since so many of you have asked me to ... Read more
Saturday, August 28, 2010      8 comments

My parcel arrived just a bit ago with all of my study materials for my new course, Nutritional Consultant, and I must say it is a bit intimidating. There a many books, some CD's, some video's and 3 binders. The course includes: anatomy & physi... Read more
I MADE THE DECISION.............
Tuesday, August 24, 2010      7 comments

I did it, I enrolled in the Nutritional Consultant program at Global College of Natural Health. I am really nervous and apprehensive about it as it will be very in depth and time intensive, but this is my passion and dream and I must follow i... Read more
Monday, August 23, 2010      8 comments

I have a big decision to make. I am thinking about enrolling in another nutrition course. This one is time intensive up to a year to complete and of course expensive. I keep thinking, am I crazy considering persuing a new career at my age (61... Read more

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