Day 74: 83 Days until the baby is here ( increased my calorie intake)
Thursday, April 19, 2012      1 comments

I have read everywhere that you should only increase your calorie intake by 300 calories. This was working for awhile. But I was beginning to get very hungry. I drank more water to make sure that it was not dehydration. So yesterday I... Read more
Day 73: 84 Days until the baby is here (me me me..its all about me)
Wednesday, April 18, 2012      1 comments

I have mentioned before that I am dependant on others for how I value or view myself. This is not healthy. I am going to try and recommit some of my time to myself. How else can I expect to take care of everyone else if I can't ta... Read more
Day 72: 85 Days until the baby is here (trying to keep motivated)
Tuesday, April 17, 2012      3 comments

I am officially 28 weeks along and into my third trimester. which means I am starting to get huge, more tired, and very emotional. The first two trimesters went by fast, but I already know that this small portion of weeks until the end wil... Read more
I need advice Please
Wednesday, April 11, 2012      4 comments

I am a step mother to two little girls. They are disobedient and don't do well with authority. My husband says that I pick on them when I am trying to do some basic disciplining. My question is. Are any of you out there step parent... Read more
Day 66: 91 Days until the baby is here ( Emotional)
Wednesday, April 11, 2012      5 comments

I know that the raging hormones is part of the pregnancy. But knowing this dosen't make it any easier to cope with. I am crying for no reason. Getting angry at small things. and on top off all that. I don't want to be around anyone. ... Read more
Day 65 : 92 Days until the baby is here ( Water, water, water)
Tuesday, April 10, 2012      0 comments

I had a doctors appt yesterday. I told the doctor that I have been dizzy lately and she recommened that I drink more water. I have currently already taken in 94 oz of water today. I am going to a gallon a day. I do feel better with the water inc... Read more
Day 60: 97 Days until the baby is here (Took a little break)
Thursday, April 05, 2012      1 comments

To say that I have not kept up with my goals with April thus far is not entirely true. I have not been going on my walks, but I walk about an average of 5 miles a day. So all in all I am not doing too badly. I am getting my water ... Read more
Day 57: 100 days until the baby is here ( March in review and April goals)
Monday, April 02, 2012      2 comments

I have offically 100 days until the baby is here! Time is ticking away and just flying by. Here is the review for March: SW: 218.2 lbs CW:222.0 lbs Total gain: 3.8 lbs Goal: 227-230 lbs I walked 1 mile almost everday. Got a... Read more
Day 54: 103 days until the baby is here (Keeping Hydrated)
Friday, March 30, 2012      1 comments

I am almost done with 64 oz of water I hoping to get another 32 oz in before the end of the day. This is more then I usually drink in water but I figure why not drink more water. Since I usually end up drinking a soda or some juice when I get ho... Read more
Day 53: 104 days until the baby is here (Really tired)
Thursday, March 29, 2012      2 comments

This week is almost over and I am so ready for it. I almost tripped and fell this morning and twisted my ankle. So instead of the usuall 2 laps at lunch, I only managed to do 1. I am cramping, and I have a bit of a cold. I just want t... Read more
Day 52: 105 days until the baby is here ( Feeling good)
Wednesday, March 28, 2012      2 comments

Last night I got on my treadmill and walked for 25 min. I also cleaned my house and went grocery shopping. My husband turned to me and said " Maybe you should slow down, you are too hard on yourself." Then I thought about it, and no I... Read more
Day 51: 106 days until the baby is here (Daydreaming)
Tuesday, March 27, 2012      0 comments

I have a dream where I am no longer over weight, where I am able to fit into the designer outfits that I love. I used to think to myself....someday I will get there and when I do. I will be beautiful. But I am beautiful now, I am great... Read more
Day 50: 107 days until the baby is here (The ranting of a pregnant woman)
Monday, March 26, 2012      0 comments

I have never mentioned my husbands ex partly because I am so insecure when it comes to her. But Today I come to find out that she is telling people that my husband left her for a bigger woman, That he is a chubby chaser. What the hell? I am not ... Read more
Day 49: 108 days until the baby is here ( advice please)
Sunday, March 25, 2012      2 comments

Today was an ok day except I can feel a cold coming on. Does any body else feel overwhelmed with their childern? I feel like such a bad person for not wanting to be around them right now. Any pointers on how to deal with it?... Read more
Day 48: 109 days until the baby is here
Saturday, March 24, 2012      1 comments

I woke up feeling really good today. I got more then 8 hours of sleep. This is a major accomplishement due to the fact that I have a toddler that sleeps with us and my son seems to be more active at night. I am also proud to say that I got... Read more

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