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1-27-16 (DAY 87)
Wednesday, January 27, 2016      3 comments

Last night I made a tasty salad with my hubby's help. It had cucumbers, tomato, onion, garlic, artichokes, olive oil, vinegar, salt, beans, pepper, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme and marjoram. That salad I will make again sometime soon! My s... Read more
1-26-16 (day 86)
Tuesday, January 26, 2016      2 comments

With my blood sugar going down my body is readjusting. This means bouts of being tired and emotional. And with my hand injury on top, I am drained. Hand hurts pretty bad today, I suspect from the doctor manipulating it pushing and pulling try... Read more
1-25-16 (day 85)
Monday, January 25, 2016      3 comments

Well, overly tired I lay in bed with my alarm going for 3 minutes with me just trying not to hear it. It is Monday. No sleeping in today! So I got up, did my morning routine, weighed myself and tested my blood. BOTH DOWN! This is great! ... Read more
1-24-16 (day 84)
Sunday, January 24, 2016      2 comments

Last night I got attacked by the munchies. I was craving sweets. I did end up eating popcorn, which for me is a no no. I forgive myself though. I think I am going to have to go back to the doctor and ask for a referral to a specialist for m... Read more
1-23-16 (day 83)
Saturday, January 23, 2016      3 comments

Wow looking back 83 days is a long time. I am proud of myself for doing very well with eating right. Just focusing on doing one thing at a time. Minding my limitations is going a little better than I expected. Focus focus focus. Have a great we... Read more
1-22-16 (day 82)
Friday, January 22, 2016      1 comments

Had a rough night sleep, I believe that is why my bsl is 225 this morning fasting. I did extremely well yesterday with everything and had a good day. Today focus is rest and eat right. Son has off school today so having a good time with him t... Read more
1-21-16 (day 81)
Thursday, January 21, 2016      2 comments

Well I kept my hand in the immobilizing thing all night. I slept pretty good. I woke up a few times due to my hand being awkward but felt good when I woke up. When I went to bed my blood sugar was over 300. My fasting is 150, much lower than... Read more
1-20-16 (day 80)
Wednesday, January 20, 2016      3 comments

I put forth the best effort I am able to eat right yesterday. The past week, including today, fasting numbers have been over 200. TOO HIGH! Very tired. Did not sleep well last night. Almost to the point of getting an x-ray with my hand.... Read more
1-19-16(day 79)
Tuesday, January 19, 2016      1 comments

I am managing January. Some areas better than others. Food is a big issue. I did have a talk with hubby last night asking him for help or more support. Just letting him know I am really struggling badly right now. January does this to me eve... Read more
1-18-16 (day 78)
Monday, January 18, 2016      1 comments

Back to the regular routine after today. I helped my middle son move back into his dorm today since winter break is done for him. Why he brings so much home I will never know. I took him to the orthodontist this morning. We found out he has... Read more
1-17-16 (day 77)
Sunday, January 17, 2016      2 comments

I have been staying off the scale lately. Just concentrating on correct choices. I got on today and had lost 3 pounds! That felt nice to see. Hopefully my hips and back will start to notice too. I need to keep being conscience of how I am e... Read more
1-16-16 (day 76)
Saturday, January 16, 2016      2 comments

I have been dealing with quite a bit of pain this past week. My hand is doing better, still have sharp pain through my index finger and knuckle. My knees and ankles ache but I believe will be fine. No major immediate damage in those. I... Read more
1-15-16 (day 75)
Friday, January 15, 2016      1 comments

Today I am thinking hard about the differences between can't and don't, can and do. I haven't figured out a set list yet but I do know can't and can are sometimes wishy washy and give you wiggle room to falter. Do and Don't are more concre... Read more
1-14-16 (day74)
Thursday, January 14, 2016      3 comments

Grrr I weighed myself today. I hadn't done that in a bit and I was feeling heavy and I was right. Up 7 pounds ... Read more
1-13-16 (day 73)
Wednesday, January 13, 2016      2 comments

Beautiful sunrise this morning. The amazing things when you get up early to go out and walk. It is much more common to be able to see a sunset... Read more

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