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Today is a new day
Tuesday, May 28, 2019      8 comments

Checking in to stay on track. My scales are starting to go in the wrong direction. I need to get back on track!... Read more
Happy Thursday!
Thursday, January 17, 2019      4 comments

Started my morning with playing the Rocky Theme music, I got ready for the gym, did a good workout. I blended up a nice smoothie for my lunch. Had some healthy snacks, did my housework! Tracked my food, etc. Drank my water! (It's about time tha... Read more
Tracking my food and water
Thursday, January 17, 2019      4 comments

I am not very good at tracking my food and water, but I did it today so it's a start. It did help me to eat less, so I will do it again tomorrow!!... Read more
Question? How do I respond back to a comment on my blog?
Tuesday, March 20, 2018      6 comments

If someone puts a nice comment on a post that I put on how do I thank them?... Read more
A Secret to your success so far!! Sparkpeople for sure but what can't you stop doing!!
Monday, March 12, 2018      4 comments

If someone asked you what is the secret to your weight loss, what is a secret that you use, something other than eat less, exercise, Sparkpeople, drin... Read more
Celebrating my Birthday today!
Wednesday, February 21, 2018      4 comments

We are celebrating my birthday as we travel to Spokane, WA. We had some snow to travel through, which we managed fine, then we had some vehicle problem... Read more
Friday, January 26, 2018      3 comments

Good Morning Spark friends, I have a confession to make, I have not been doing too much moving lately. I have been trying to motivate myself, but no l... Read more
One day at a time journal-Dec.13, 2017
Thursday, December 14, 2017      1 comments

Yesterday was my weigh in day! I lost a pound! I am happy for the loss, but I know that I can do better. This time of year I get stressed out. It see... Read more
My One Day At A Time Journal December 7th, 2017
Friday, December 08, 2017      2 comments

I haven't been taking the time to blog, so today I wanted to make sure that I get back on track. I have been doing ok with my food intake, but these past two weeks, I haven't lost any weight. I have noticed that I have been real cozy in my home... Read more
Enjoyed my work out today!
Thursday, November 30, 2017      1 comments

Finally got to the gym, I took a picture so that I could use this for my daily blogs!... Read more
Day 12 of my Journal
Monday, November 13, 2017      0 comments

Food intake good, I felt good this morning, I found myself modeling a outfit in the mirror, and enjoying how I felt about myself! It's funny when you know that you are not eatting the fattening foods how it makes you feel lighter. I only weig... Read more
Day 11 of my Journey
Saturday, November 11, 2017      2 comments

I am coming along fine! My food intake is where it should be! I eat a lot of vegetables. I guess if your not full our body will crave them! I've cut down on the amount of red meats that we were eatting. I haven't been eatting a lot of pastas... Read more
Day 8 0f my Jorney
Thursday, November 09, 2017      1 comments

I ate ok today, but didn't exercise and only drank two glasses of water! Need to change that tomorrow!... Read more
Day 6 journey
Monday, November 06, 2017      1 comments

Yesterday I didn't blog, so I am doing it this AM. Went to church Today! We were receiving our message when I noticed a problem a few rows in front of me! A older friend was unresponsive. Sermon stopped, 911 was called, tears started, we ... Read more
Day 5 of SparkPeople
Sunday, November 05, 2017      2 comments

Today was Saturday, I woke up early, 4:30 AM, I ate oatmeal, by 9:00AM I was hungry again so I had poached eggs. I finally exercised today, a few stretches and rode my stationary bike for 15 min.s. I figured that it's a start. I still have to ... Read more

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