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I can has sleeps soon?
Wednesday, February 29, 2012      1 comments

Today was exhausting at work... and the job isn't done. Nor will it be getting done, until we get more help. Again. On the upside, I'm wearing 46 waist pants instead of 48... and the scale here has me down to 325, fully dressed. I can work ... Read more
OK, who ordered the stressburger....
Wednesday, February 01, 2012      1 comments

Been a busy few weeks. In no order: Got the stepdaughter's ex boyfriend's stuff out of the house... this is good. Got car damage - not so good. Transcended mere "Busy" at work for a while. Looking at my Lady's car replacement - come on, banks, P... Read more
Time, Time...
Wednesday, January 18, 2012      1 comments

Ask me for anything but time. It seems that every time I start getting back on the site, things get busy. With my immediate manager out, the new hire showed up.. and an exec VP I didn't expect... and the Iron Mountain records pull... It's e... Read more
Gah... Has it been half a year?
Monday, January 02, 2012      2 comments

I guess it has. Working, run and gun all the time... and while I haven't re-gained mass, I've lost some momentum. But, it's a new year, and time to use that fresh start and new push. I can do this, and I will.... Read more
So, yeah.
Tuesday, July 19, 2011      0 comments

It's been a while since I posted. I'm not a prolific poster. I'm down a couple pounds from the last time I was here, and that's good - long way to go, but it's a start. It's tough to keep at it, loggigng everything and so on - but I need to... Read more
Ups, Downs, and what-the-hecks....
Tuesday, July 05, 2011      3 comments

Well, it's been a heck of a run so far. I was steadily losing weight, if slowly, I was down around 318, I thought. We were being good, avoiding snacks and so on... Then I went to my LARP weekend. After a weekend of running around the woods like ... Read more