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Good Results!
Monday, April 12, 2010      4 comments

Went to the cardiologist today and he said the results from the echo cardiogram were good. To go and not return for three months unless I had a problem. Had the blood stick finger for blood thinness at primary care. They want the blood even ... Read more
Sunday, April 11, 2010      5 comments

Do they reset the polls? Or is there away we can reset like the articles that we read 6 months ago? Thanks for info in advance. Pat... Read more
Saturday, April 10, 2010      0 comments

Had the pleasure of taking care of Victoria today along with her father, Piotr. He is the young man that had the accident and has some brain damage. It will be 3 years this fall and it is hard to believe how much progress he has made and conti... Read more
Massages this weekend!
Friday, April 09, 2010      0 comments

My nurse massage therapist is here for the weekend! Have muscles that are desperately in need of her services.... Read more
Moisture Control
Thursday, April 08, 2010      0 comments

Found out the sure fire fix the guy called me about does not work. Called the company direct and asked to speak to an installation expert. She let me know it would not keep the moisture out and gave me the name of another company. Did resear... Read more
Wednesday, April 07, 2010      2 comments

Now they are beginning to call back to see if they have the job of fixing my home. Shows none have listened to what I have said. Most sales people make that mistake. The one that called today, says I have the answer to your problem. He was... Read more
More Bids!
Tuesday, April 06, 2010      0 comments

Another bid on the fixing the slab. This one says I do not have to move all furniture out, but they will move it and do house in pieces. That will save loading & unloading pods & having to store everything. Will be glad when this house d... Read more
Happy Easter!!
Sunday, April 04, 2010      4 comments

Quiet relaxing day, thanking God for his son and all the blessings that have bestowed on us.... Read more
Not Enough Time!
Saturday, March 20, 2010      4 comments

Wow, haven't blogged in a month. Echo put off til March 26th, but weekly visits for coumadin checks at Dr.s. Iza & Victoria had it bad, Victoria was really bad, fever up to 104 & then one afternoon woke up from nap with rash & temperature was... Read more
Long Day
Friday, February 19, 2010      5 comments

Drs from 9:00 til 2:30 - reports good! Have to have echo cardiogram in March. Just need to get strength back and stop the scale going up. Ankles feel like they will split, but tomorrow will be better!... Read more
Clean Again!!!
Wednesday, February 17, 2010      5 comments

Was in the shower at 5:30 this morning, got shampoo, legs shaved and 2 weeks of dead skin off my body! Live to ride another day. Lost 1 Jay Leno chin, start tapering off steroids tomorrow, so hopefully will not be so ravenous. Scale went u... Read more
Home & Getting stronger
Tuesday, February 16, 2010      10 comments

Still on prednisone and other meds, but getting stronger every day. Neck the size of 3 Jay Leno chins, but hopefully will go down soon as thru with steroids. Breathing much easier and just have to rebuild. Some setbacks are hardier than ... Read more
Tuesday, February 09, 2010      3 comments

Sunday the 7th at 4:00 had to call 911 because of respiratory distress. They have me in CCU or critical care unit, thought I was going to regular room yesterday, but did not have a good night so do not know how long. Know I intend to be home a... Read more
It finally caught me!!
Thursday, February 04, 2010      0 comments

Have been dodging colds, flu, bronchitis, etc. for at least three years. Boy it finally caught me and I have been sick as a dog. Just sent out for herbal cures. Have done the vicks on the bottom of the feet and a Polish herbal liniment& am... Read more
Feeling Special!!!
Tuesday, January 26, 2010      2 comments

Wow, I got a group hug spark goodie from one of my teams. That was a very nice 1st for me. Thank you Team!!... Read more

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