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Tuesday, February 14, 2017      9 comments

Dinner was great, Margaret enjoyed dinner and the gifts. I am beat, been a long day, and i had little sleep last night. My knees are bothering me, but I will get over it. Had a busy day at work, but had two trips to other buildings today, so ... Read more
Monday, February 13, 2017      9 comments

Well tonight I thought that I would include a couple of pictures of my favorite babies. These are pretty current pictures. & ... Read more
Sunday, February 12, 2017      5 comments

Didn't do too much today. I worked until 1:00 a.m. and I got up about 7:30 after waking a couple of times. Must have been too much iced tea last night to stay awake. Did some puttering around the house and knocked out a couple of honeydo's do... Read more
Saturday, February 11, 2017      9 comments

On a maintenance conference call for work so I need to keep this short. I had a great day and kept within my calories and got plenty of exercise today. 72 degrees in February, who can beat that. Will blog more tomorrow during my day of rest. ... Read more
Friday, February 10, 2017      4 comments

TGIF! Boy I am so glad to see this week end. This has been a very long week. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow evening, but I will work from home, and it should be pretty easy. One good thing is that with as busy I have been I have los... Read more
Thursday, February 09, 2017      5 comments

No drama in my life today. It was very cold today. Our seesaw weather is at it again. Tuesday our high was 65. We had a high of 26 today with a low of 13 with a wind chill of 0. Tomorrow is going to be 63 degrees. What a seesaw. We were ... Read more
Wednesday, February 08, 2017      5 comments

I can't believe that I forgot to blog yesterday! Must have been very busy! It has been okay at work. Everything has been going well. I think my dogs are trying to drive me crazy. Mike just doing dumb puppy things, and today Dolly decided t... Read more
Monday, February 06, 2017      8 comments

Well, I think that someone thinks my life is too boring or something. I got to work this morning and got a call from my consulting company informing me that my contract had ended last Friday the 3rd. I told him that it was strange as I had bee... Read more
Sunday, February 05, 2017      5 comments

This was my do nothing day, and I essentially did nothing! I took the bible literally and made it my day of rest. We just finished watching the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet channel. I like this so much better than the actual Superbowl gam... Read more
Saturday, February 04, 2017      6 comments

Took some time today to review why I am doing what I am doing for weight loss, and what has worked in the past and what I can try for the future. Sadly, I realized that I have fallen into some of my old bad habits. Lack of planning my meals, h... Read more
Friday, February 03, 2017      6 comments

Well, little Mikey thought he would get even with me since I left him out of the crate from the time I left for work (6:15 a.m.) until Chris went to work (8:30 a.m.) and he destroyed the edge of another throw rug! So he will be going into the ... Read more
Thursday, February 02, 2017      5 comments

Had a good day today. Went to work, it was fairly quiet. We had a lunch for a guy who is leaving tomorrow. They brought in Panera box lunches so I had a 1/2 sandwich of Turkey, bacon and avacado slices and a salad. So made a fairly good choi... Read more
Wednesday, February 01, 2017      6 comments

Thanks for the suggestions of dealing with Mikey. Seems I have a puppy that is teething and has separation anxiety. My luck, but he is a little sweety. I am told that pitbulls are big babies and I know that boxers are little sweethearts, and ... Read more
Tuesday, January 31, 2017      8 comments

Really don't have much to report today. I woke up, I went to work, came home, cleaned up the mess my little Mikey made, made supper and now I am relaxing. I am going to have to crate Mikey when we go to work. For the second day in a row, he c... Read more
Monday, January 30, 2017      4 comments

I am so tired. I slept pretty well last night, just not enough hours in the day. A pretty quiet and boring day. Went to work, came home made dinner, London Broil, baked sweet potatoes, and mixed veggies! Then went to church for our patrioti... Read more

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