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Saturday, June 14, 2014      2 comments

I decided to take fewer things to the market and concentrate on my kitchen stuff. While I didn't sell any of the new cherry towels (the boogers), I still had a record day for this early in the season. While that sounds really amazing, keep in mi... Read more
DO say CAN'T
Saturday, June 14, 2014      3 comments

Any and EVERY time you want to give up, give in, or binge. There are times and places for everything. The time and place for the word CAN'T is when CAN is going to derail you. Of course, don't and wont work as well with the binging and givi... Read more
Swamped, but hanging in there!
Friday, June 13, 2014      3 comments

So, on top of "Mom Drama", work, adding markets, Hubs' cancer treatments (It's nothing life threatening, thank you for your concern and prayers!!) and end of school year? I'm designing and making several new products this year. One of the ... Read more
Thursday, June 12, 2014      7 comments

My mother called last night. Remember when I said I was apprehensive about things going so well with my business because SOMETHING was going to go to hell in a handcart? Yeah, that would be my mom's drama. "I have some bad news" (this is ho... Read more
Week One-in the bag.
Wednesday, June 11, 2014      2 comments

The first whole week of market work is officially finished. I have one on Saturday mornings, one on Sunday mornings, and one on Wednesday mornings...for now. Things are looking a little "iffy" for the additional ones. We'll see how the poli... Read more
Heading out-
Tuesday, June 10, 2014      5 comments

in a few minutes to get started on my day. I'm irked with the Sparksite. I haven't missed a single day blogging and DOING stuff on it, but that stupid wheel doesn't always spin, so it says I missed a day. UGH! I can deal with it. I'm going ... Read more
Looking up!
Monday, June 09, 2014      3 comments

Hubs' MOHS went well this morning. No problems with the wound packing. That was a relief. He didn't want me to just sit there worrying, so I went and ran a few errands. Ok, I ran ONE. lol. I went and talked to my bank about a business ... Read more
Sunday, June 08, 2014      4 comments

Hubs and I went driving this morning to find where some more of the farmer's markets are going to be. We ended up setting up at one. Had a decent day, too! On way home, we did some of the "tourist" stuff. stopped at a few shops, did come C... Read more
Survived Saturday market start-
Saturday, June 07, 2014      2 comments

Even with Hubs turning into a MAN, not listening and then being crabby butt first thing this morning. I was determined to NOT fight, he was determined to START one. We worked it out. I had had less than 2 hours of sleep, he had slept all night. ... Read more
For Hubs and his Mom
Friday, June 06, 2014      2 comments

I truly am blessed... Read more
Fabulous Friday-
Friday, June 06, 2014      3 comments

At least I'm hoping it will be. Hubs is home, so it's a pretty good shot it will be. I've been managing the steroid starvation fairly well (okay, there was one chocolate binge, but in my defense, I didn't eat as much as I used to, and I did... Read more
I went-
Thursday, June 05, 2014      2 comments

And the meeting went amazingly well. I had WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS from them. YAY!!! I have my FEIN now, and my Wisconsin sales tax stuff is on its way. I paid the fees already. Things are looking up...mostly... I even went and got the sq... Read more
Go or not go?
Thursday, June 05, 2014      1 comments

To my business meeting this morning. I scheduled it for first thing this morning so I wouldn't have time to panic and bail...I'm panicking. I can't bail. I want this too badly. I should bail. I want it too badly and we all KNOW what h... Read more
Amazing Hubs-yes, again!
Wednesday, June 04, 2014      1 comments

So, Son started household war number umpteen million today. I was in NO mood t talk on phone when Hubs called. As evidenced by my answering his call with "what do you want?" Yeah. I was po'd. Hubs was going to have me call an make him a dr ... Read more
Air, glorious Air-
Wednesday, June 04, 2014      0 comments

I am starting to get some in! The high dose steroids and all the other meds I started yesterday are already starting to make a difference. Thank God first, medical science second. And Hubs for making sure I could get them right away, of cou... Read more

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