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I'm not telling my weight. So there. :-P
Monday, June 07, 2010      1 comments

So today was my weekly weigh in, and I'm skipping it. I didn't really skip it, of course I weighed myself, and I've decided that the best thing for my weight loss journey is to pretend this weeks weigh in didn't happen. I'll keep myself in suspe... Read more
25 ways to reward yourself without food
Monday, June 07, 2010      3 comments

I need this list. The problem I come across, is that I am in a position to reward myelf whenever I want. lol. I get a monthly massage...just because. Some of these are pretty cool. I'm going to add some- wont you add some too? :) Compliment... Read more
Weekly goals...
Sunday, June 06, 2010      0 comments

I sucked last week. Be mindful 3 x's Do at least 15 minutes of cardio 3x's per week. Get to 183.5 pounds. Blog daily. Track food daily. All food!! Do strength training every day. Ok.....what do I get if I reach my goal? I get ... Read more
Saturday, June 05, 2010      1 comments

Nothing to say. Apparently that happens when I've had a bad day. lol. I suck sometimes...I choices...blah blah blah.......Here;s my daily blog... Read more
yay- i didn't go over
Friday, June 04, 2010      2 comments

So- how did I manage my ravinous (that may not be a real word...) hunger yesterday? I made a huge salad. I had lettuce (a mix of 5 kinds of lettuce) and some fresh mushrooms and cheese, and crutons. I ate some of that, and while I was eating it ... Read more
What'd I say my goals were?
Thursday, June 03, 2010      1 comments

Let's go over this again.... Blog daily. I skipped yesterday. Track food daily- I don;t know if I've done this all week. Cardio 3 x's, haven't done this yet. It's already Thursday. I have today, f, sa, and su. So I still have time. I am ad... Read more
just cuz i gotta
Tuesday, June 01, 2010      2 comments

I have nothing to say. It doesn't happen often, but here it is. lol. My goal is to blog daily, so here's my blog. Lots of stuff happened, most of it annoyed me, so I'm letting it go, and going to bed. :) Night SP.... Read more
Goals for this week
Monday, May 31, 2010      1 comments

So I didn't track every day or blog every day. Almost, 4/6 or so, so I'll keep those goals. I'll also keep doing cardio 3 x's per week. And I will MAINTAIN my weight loss. I know, most people want to see a loss every week, I just want to see thi... Read more
nothing important too much
Monday, May 31, 2010      2 comments

I haven't blogged or tracked for 2 days. oops. Wasn't really around the computer and yesterday I didn't really feel good. My initial goal was to lose 2.5 pounds I think, and so far, I;ve lost 4. :) Of course official weigh in is..oh was... Read more
almost forgot....
Saturday, May 29, 2010      3 comments

Haha. It's almost tomorrow and I almost didn't blog. But I am. Today was OK. I ate naughty kinda, but I was craving real food. The dog ran away, but then we found him. Dad's gf got mad, but oh well. So I need to track my food. I might not get th... Read more
It's already Thursday...
Thursday, May 27, 2010      2 comments

And I've only done cardio once. Although, last night I went out and danced, so I think that should count as cardio. :) I am tracking food, go me, and I've lost another half pound, so now one pound left for the week. That means I've lost a pound ... Read more
Okie dokie-
Wednesday, May 26, 2010      2 comments

I tracked my food. Hopefully I'll be editing this blog throughout the day. I REMEMBERED to weigh myself (after I ate breakfast..whatever) and I already lost a pound. I told you the weight yesterday was a bad start weight. So now I need to lose a... Read more
New goals
Tuesday, May 25, 2010      2 comments

Did I put goals up for last week? FAIL. New goals For the following week (i know it;s already Tuesday, leave me alone. I'm slow sometimes) I will blog daily Track ALL of my food daily, starting tomorrow, cuz I don't wanna track the donut I... Read more
first day
Monday, May 24, 2010      3 comments

First day of the job went well. The second interview also went very well. I wont know anything about that job for about 3 weeks tho. grr.... Read more
Wednesday, May 19, 2010      8 comments

So I had a job interview last week and they offered me a job. I accepted. it doesn't pay what I want and it isn't the job I want, but a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. So today I had another job interview. haha. So the interview went re... Read more

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