Thursday, April 22, 2010      3 comments

been a hard week but I have remained pretty positive unti today. I have stayed within my eating goals for the most part. I have been productive, but seems like the more I do, the more there is to do. (we have just had a move with in our home)... Read more
yesterdays efforts paying off today.
Friday, April 16, 2010      2 comments

Naturally I expect that watching intake for several days will pay off with weight and health over the long term. However..changes in my lifestyle are paying off in ways I did not anticipate. I have gotten rid of some junk food Good changes. G... Read more
I'm excited now.
Thursday, April 15, 2010      1 comments

Thank you all for the support and encouragement after my pitiful attempt at exercise. I am still not giving up but I do have a slight injury that is causing me to take a break today. Pulled a muscle. Go figure, but it isn't too bad, I just ... Read more
Now I feel old.
Wednesday, April 14, 2010      5 comments trying to energise myself, eat healthy to keep up with the grandest grandbabies ever born and feel good enough to enjoy my husbands pending retirement. So what do I do. I start eating right. That has not been too hard. Then it is time... Read more
a new beginning
Saturday, April 10, 2010      2 comments

alrighty now. I have purchased a couple of exercise videos. THat is step one. Now I must use them, but am looking forward to it. I miss exercise. ... Read more
met a goal
Friday, April 09, 2010      1 comments

ok scales are not cooperating, but I am determined. I slipped up a little today, but only a little and it was kind of a reward for not being discouraged. Had a little icecream with my grand daughter that put me over on calories..just a bit.... Read more
exercise or not?
Thursday, April 08, 2010      3 comments

I want to know, seriously, if this counts as exercise. I woke up this morning, got dressed and went Downstairs to take care of the two babies. by noon I had gone upstairs to get clothes for her, come down to dress her, upstairs to get my s... Read more
up and downs
Wednesday, April 07, 2010      1 comments

Seems like all good intentions are being blocked. I am sticking to the good and healthy eating, but intentions to exercise keep getting blocked. It affects my entire attitude. I did see a change in the scale which is encouraging. I still wan... Read more
better day
Tuesday, April 06, 2010      0 comments

Well...feel so much better since I actually made time to exercise yesterday. Took a 5 mile bike ride. Not as much as I used to do but it is a start. Feels good to meet a goal. Feeling very hungry today. Maybe that is from the extra exertion ... Read more
Monday, April 05, 2010      4 comments

I am finding it hard to stay motivated today. A little stress, but was feeling hopeful because I had scheduled time to ride bikes with my husband. Now it is starting to storm. Feel like nature is even against me. Also, still haven't shown e... Read more
Easter day
Sunday, April 04, 2010      0 comments

Didn't do too bad for candy sunday. The blessings of the day had my attention more than the candy. Enjoyed the family and chose to have a massive mixed salad and small sandwich. I did treat myself to some sweets but didn't go overboard. Recor... Read more
back on track
Thursday, April 01, 2010      0 comments

I was doing really well..but slipped a little last night. Not too bad though and am back on today. I am very excited about sparkpeople. Thankful for the strength God is giving me at this time.... Read more
Ready to GO
Wednesday, March 31, 2010      0 comments

This is only my third active day on SP. I am excited that I have reached my calorie goals and today have started on water..which is difficult for me. Since cutting the sugar I have felt better. Look forward to weighing in a few days.!... Read more

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