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Cold Germ Flash Mob
Wednesday, May 23, 2012      1 comments

So, last night, I'm sitting around reading Fifty Shade of Grey (not my style of book for writing quality, but I decided to read it since Pure Romance is having a product release in honor of the book. I need to know what it's about so I can sell... Read more
I have to eat how much food????
Tuesday, May 22, 2012      11 comments

Seriously, how much food does Spark expect me to eat? I'm on the meal plan trying to devour my lunch and I'm barley though half of it and I'm stuffed! I think I'm going to carry the rest of this over into another mid day small meal to finish! ... Read more
Over doing it and getting frustrated!!!
Monday, May 21, 2012      2 comments

So, two big parts of healthy living are fitness and diet...right. Not the only things, but two big parts. So, if you've been following me you know my knee is acting up. I was told by a Dr to take Ibueprofen and only ambulate as much as my kne... Read more
Spark Meal Plans
Sunday, May 20, 2012      0 comments

Have you been tracking your food? I always find I do best when I track food. Recently I discovered the Spark Meal plan, so today I added it to my shopping list routine. I planned and substituted meal plan options for the entire week, deciding... Read more
Saturday, May 19, 2012      2 comments

Changing the family meeting from tomorrow to today. I think Saturday will be better for me so I can start implementing changes on Sunday when hubs is still here to help manage the kids. My goal on water is slowly coming into fruition. Althoug... Read more
Making Progress!
Friday, May 18, 2012      3 comments

I've been doing excellent at logging into Spark People, so I think that goal has been reached, now I just need to maintain the activity. One thing I didn't expect was to be back to blogging so much, but it really is motivational to me so I'm gl... Read more
Still Stumped.
Wednesday, May 16, 2012      4 comments

For those of you new to my blog, I've been having issues with my knees. I'm currently on prescription strength Ibuprofen to help with the inflammation and pain, and on Dr's orders to have minimal ambulation all for 2 weeks. The other day when ... Read more
Curse you knees :(
Monday, May 14, 2012      1 comments

Went to the Dr today regarding my knee's lack of cooperation with me this past month or so. Every time I do something exercise worthy, I pay for several days after in knee pain and stiffness. My Dr checked them out, prescribed minimal ambulati... Read more
Family Meeting #1
Sunday, May 13, 2012      3 comments

We held our first family meeting and I think it was a success. At least as much of a success as it can be with a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Today we discussed what it means to be healthy. My 4 year old was quick to announce eating healthy a... Read more
Happy Mother's Day!
Sunday, May 13, 2012      0 comments

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful SparkMom's out there! Not sure what all is planned for today, but I think a trip to the grocery store. I just go the new spark produce app, so I'll be having fun in the produce section! My hubs is ... Read more
Progress Update
Saturday, May 12, 2012      1 comments

I'm still not eating the greatest. I've let my diet go the past 6 months and it's really starting to show. I'm not happy about that, but I have no one to blame but myself, and no one to fix it but myself! I haven't been trying to eat healthy ... Read more
Spark People Family Challenge!
Friday, May 11, 2012      2 comments

Today I signed up for the SparkPeople Healthy Family Makeover Challenge. I think we can do this, and it will be some much needed changes in the household. Week 1: Reduce Screen Time: I need this and so do my girls. Over the past yea... Read more
In Need of a Will Power Boost!
Wednesday, May 09, 2012      3 comments

I'm doing good on my initial goal of logging into spark people everyday. For the most part I've done a couple extras like log food or read articles, but logging in is my main goal. I'm glad I started with that as a basic because I'm finding my... Read more
Getting Back on Track
Sunday, May 06, 2012      2 comments

It's been a crazy past year, as I've blogged about before. So crazy I had to make tough decisions, and leaving Spark People for a year was one of them. Luckily I had a personal trainer and I was able to at least maintain my weight. He knew I ... Read more
Taking On a Challenge
Monday, December 26, 2011      2 comments

Yesterday I was excited to find a journaling/blogging team here on Spark! I was going to start one, but since I found one with challenges and prompts, I was elated to join in the fun! So the first challenge or prompt that I found was to journa... Read more

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