The Bridge - Based on a true story ~*~
Sunday, May 02, 2010      11 comments

Well yesterday our yard sale was a flop. We did sell some stuff to give us $10. So at least we have $10 more than yesterday. Going to use it in the van. My insulin I can't renew until Wednesday. My sister is going to give me a bottle to tide me ... Read more
~* I Am There & I am still here *~
Saturday, May 01, 2010      11 comments

I want to Thank you all for your kind word, prayers and encouragement. They mean the world to me. I don't think mere words can expression how much they help me. Today isn't going too bad. Things are still strained around here. There is sti... Read more
Not my normally cheery self
Friday, April 30, 2010      14 comments

Yesterday after I had finished blogging my husband got out of the shower and it was like someone flipped a switch. He was really mean. When I asked for him to talk to me he said "I am through with talking". Now the previous night he wa... Read more
~*~ LOVE OF LIFE -Story. Get your tissues ~*~
Thursday, April 29, 2010      14 comments

Not too much going on in PA today. A bit chilly and we are heading into 80's in the next few days. 80's aren't bad but suppose to be humid as well. I don't like that at all. Thanks for the parsnip ideas. When Linda pulled them out they loo... Read more
~*~ The Taxie Ride ~*~
Wednesday, April 28, 2010      7 comments

Good Day! Yesterday my Dh and Linda went to the pantry for produce. We got cantalope, peaches and parsnips. What a parsnip is I hadn't a clue. My Mom grew up during the depression and we never had them or turnips. I looked them up and it is a ... Read more
~*~ The Road Of Life ~*~
Tuesday, April 27, 2010      6 comments

Today is shaping up to be a little better than yesterday. Was raining a little bit but sun keeps peaking out now and then. DH is going to get some produce today at the one pantry. The one we go to on monday is for food items, cans and such... Read more
**** Complain, complain, complain!!! ****
Monday, April 26, 2010      10 comments

Yesterday my DH went to file his UE benefits and their system keeps saying every other week that his claim isn't active. So he has to call the service center and get them to fix it. Well yesterday he forgot completely until 4:00 pm it and they ... Read more
**** The Man Who Sold Very Good Hot Dogs ****
Sunday, April 25, 2010      11 comments

Happy Sunday! Hope all is well. Kind of cloudy and raining here but remember "April Showers bring May flowers." Doing ok here today though. Watched Joel Osteen this morning so I am charged up and ready to go. RAWR! He told a joke today th... Read more
~*~ An Interesting Funeral ~*~
Saturday, April 24, 2010      12 comments

Happy Saturday! Hope all is well. I had a foot doctor come yesterday. He had called me in the beginning of the week and I didn't know who he was when he told me his name. He got here yesterday and was joking with me because I forgot. He co... Read more
~*~* Some Natural Highs *~*~
Friday, April 23, 2010      12 comments

Happy Friday! Just a quick note to say all is well on and in my side of the world. hehe Oh and my backround picture is something I put together. I think it is so cute. I am doing GREAT! Here are some natural highs I found awesom... Read more
Butter, Memories, Emotions and a Chuckle ****
Thursday, April 22, 2010      11 comments

WARNING: Willow is long winded today. emoticon I know shocker! Happy Thursday! I am not sure why but a... Read more
~*~ Nine steps & A Brand New You ~*~
Wednesday, April 21, 2010      16 comments

Happy, happy day! Yesterday my husband went to a pantry that on Tuesdays they have produce. We got potatoes, lettuce and sugar snap peas. Linda cook the peas up for my dinner tonight. I had a lettuce sandwich yesterday and it was so good. I had ... Read more
~* Friends are God's way of taking care of us. *~
Tuesday, April 20, 2010      10 comments

"Hiddy hoe good neighbor." Sorry I took a trip down "Home Improvements" old shows. Remember the old guy that lived next door? He always said "Hiddy Hoe" Ok, I am still drinking coffee so my humor today is a bit dry. Ok I am gonna comp... Read more
~*~ The Right Place ~*~
Monday, April 19, 2010      9 comments

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is doing well. Making this a quick post I have a techician coming out to put a heart monitor on me. LOL I am going to be wired for sound.! Oh and yesterday I called Linda (nurse) to warn her our coffee pot broke... Read more
~*~ All He Had To Offer - Here is a story, reported to be true ~*~
Sunday, April 18, 2010      14 comments

Well today to start off I have some REALLY bad news! Our coffee maker died! emoticon ... Read more

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