~* Nudge the Balance *~
Wednesday, May 19, 2010      9 comments

Today I am feeling a little better. My stomach is still painful, but not as bad as it was. Thanks for all your prayers, kind words and encouragements. You don't know how much they mean to me. Since I bent your ear off yesterday I am going... Read more
~* Prayers Can't Be Answered Unless They Are Prayed *~
Tuesday, May 18, 2010      16 comments

Sorry been sort of out of commission the last few days. Haven't felt well and mishaps abound. The Doctor started me on a medication and I have been taking it for over a week. The side effects started on Saturday. Bad stomach cramps and diarrhea.... Read more
** I saved the BEST for last. **
Saturday, May 15, 2010      10 comments

Ok so here is a more in depth telling of the Boldt's tragic love. I have done A LOT of research. I have been researching all week. How I did it as I found info I would paste in a word doc. Then when I was done I had like 10+ pages. So I went thr... Read more
Improvements Continue, a Birthday Poem and a Health issue.*~
Friday, May 14, 2010      14 comments

Happy Friday. I mentioned before that my eye sight is failing due to the diabetes. Yesterday while watching a TV show I took my glasses off and put them upside down. Not sure why I had the idea it just came to me. I found that the bad eye was m... Read more
Good Deed & 1000 Islands Dressing ***
Thursday, May 13, 2010      12 comments

Happy Thursday! Having a good day so far. DH is off to do a gardening job. A friend of his daughter just bought a house and he is landscaping it for her. He worked on it a little the other day and has been delayed due to weather conditions. O... Read more
*** Tragedy & Vandalism ***
Wednesday, May 12, 2010      12 comments

Thanks for all your comments on yesterday's blog. I am glad you liked it. Today is going ok. My DH and I had some arguements this morning. We had to decide whether we wanted the lawn mower or groceries. So he is going to have the repair place ho... Read more
Calling all Romantics ~ A Love Story *~
Tuesday, May 11, 2010      13 comments

Happy Tuesday! Now if you saw my spark page you may have noticed a bunch of Castles. I am not sure when it started but, castles have always been a favorite of mine. They hold such mystery and legend to each one. That has always interested ... Read more
~*~ THE DUCK ~*~
Monday, May 10, 2010      6 comments

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Not too much excitement going on here. Had some insulin issues. I ran out and couldn't get refills yet so my sister gave me a few vials to help me out. DH went to file for his UE benefits and... Read more
~*~ When you came into the world..... ~*~
Sunday, May 09, 2010      8 comments

Happy Mother's Day for those who are blessed to be one. All my "kids" have four legs so they haven't a clue they are suppose to pamper me. Ha! ... Read more
*** These familiar saying ~ A Chuckle to start the day. ***
Saturday, May 08, 2010      20 comments

Happy Saturday! As promised I am making my blogs in honor of all the Mom's out there including my own who is no longer with me. I found this on the web, no author was listed. I had to laugh at some of these. Linda (nurse) and I were talking abou... Read more
~* An Inspirational Story, Motivational Story -
Friday, May 07, 2010      14 comments

Today not too much going on. I wanted to do some Mother related stories in Honor of Mother's day. I am not a Mom so to speak other than my four legged babies. My Mother I lost in 2001. Although it has been a number of years I think of her daily.... Read more
This is for all the mothers who DIDN'T win Mother of the Year last year **
Thursday, May 06, 2010      9 comments

Good Day! Today I got up at 5:30 am. I normally don't roll out of bed until 7-8 am. Not sure why. Could be I didn't have a nap yesterday and fell right off when my head hit the pillow. DH got up as well and had coffee brewing. Coffee is my alarm... Read more
~~ PLEASE! Don't compare me with the President or Oprah! ~~
Wednesday, May 05, 2010      7 comments

Ok so yesterday I blogged that I wasn't a fan of deer meat. Yes I should be grateful to have it. But, I think it is part bambi and part watching my mother trick my cous... Read more
There was this Christian lady ......
Tuesday, May 04, 2010      15 comments

Happy Tuesday! DH went yesterday to the pantry and they were closed. We have a list of them so he went to another one town over and they told him we weren't in there district. They gave him food anyway. We just can't go back there again. We have... Read more
~* Then you still have hope *~
Monday, May 03, 2010      7 comments

Happy Monday! Thanks so much for all your support, ideas,wishes and prayers. I have been sitting here looking at this computer screen for like 10 mins. Trying to figure out if I have anything new to report. The day my husband was ... Read more

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