~* History Through Eyes of 6th Graders *~
Wednesday, January 19, 2011      11 comments

Happy Wednesday! No job news. I tell you I am a little tired of the bad weather. They are talking about a storm now Thursday night into Friday. Then another one next Tuesday. Funny the meteorologist said in November "Oh we will hardly se... Read more
This Blog is just TOO FUNNY to miss.
Tuesday, January 18, 2011      34 comments

This Blog is dedicated to Rottlady to lift her spirits before her surgery. ... Read more
~* Love others to be loved by them *~
Tuesday, January 18, 2011      12 comments

Happy Tuesday! Ice, Ice, Baby. Lots of ice here today. They say the main roads aren't bad but our side street we keep hearing people getting stuck. I am nervous over my DH going to work. I hope the temp goes up by then. Linda (my nurse)... Read more
~*~ Pappy - Story ~*~
Monday, January 17, 2011      11 comments

Happy Monday! Cold here today. Went down to 8 degrees last night. BBBRRRR even though I am use to being cold I had to break down and put the heat on 70 so it can keep up. Normally I keep it around 60-65. Then everytime I came to my spark... Read more
Sunday, January 16, 2011      14 comments

Happy Sunday! My DH and I had a rather uneventful day yesterday. Yeah! for once. DH is off to do laundry. We have a washer and normally hang outside but the temp isn't getting much above freezing. We were getting by with hanging close... Read more
**** Does Your Cat Own You? ****
Saturday, January 15, 2011      27 comments

Happy Saturday! Not very much going on here. DH took a drug test on friday for the new job he is trying to get. He hasn't heard yet, the snow sort of threw everything off schedule. We keep hoping. Just the thought of going from $100 fo... Read more
*** Funny Love Story & Love of a Lifetime ***
Friday, January 14, 2011      6 comments

Happy Friday! I was exhausted from the confrontation with my nurse. Had the rest of the day just feeling drained. So I had a movie I recorded a few weeks ago called Leap Year. It was a romantic comedy so I normally watch those alone. DH d... Read more
~*~ The Miracle - Great Story & A Warning ~*~
Thursday, January 13, 2011      9 comments

I am not doing too well. This nagging stress I can't seem to shake off. We don't have enough for our mortgage so I am going to pay the Electric Bill. I am concerned we will not be able to catch up with the mortgage bill this month. I just don't... Read more
Wednesday, January 12, 2011      17 comments

Ever see those cartoons where the person is walking and there is a big storm cloud with rain and lighting above them. Only above them and no one else? Well ... Read more
~* GREAT Recipes but NOT for cooking *~
Tuesday, January 11, 2011      14 comments

Happy Tuesday! I am doing pretty good today so far. My DH is so grouchy late because he hates his job. They are constantly bringing in new employees and make him train them. Then they stick him on the sorter which hurts his bac... Read more
~* Heaven was needing a Hero *~
Monday, January 10, 2011      22 comments

I am fighting sadness today. We found out last night that a friend we made on line passed away. My DH and I play an online game for about 5 years now called Lineage II. We paid $14.99 a month for unlimited play. This game has so many d... Read more
~*~ Sleeping Through The Storm ~ I REALLY wish I can ~*~
Sunday, January 09, 2011      20 comments

DH is gearing up for the Eagles game today. He gets so excited when he is watching. At least our furbabies are use to all the yelling and jumping about that he does. At first it use to scare them. Now they just ignore him. ha! DH has be... Read more
~* Doggy Dictionary - Author: Fid Dalmatian, Professor of Dogfish, Dog University. *~
Saturday, January 08, 2011      15 comments

Happy Saturday! So yesterday I was waiting for my Brother in law to call me to tell me the surgery was over and things were fine. It was 3pm and still no call. So I called their house and spoke with my niece she said her Mom was ok but ... Read more
Friday, January 07, 2011      11 comments

Happy Friday. We had a little snow here this morning. They say 1-3 inches before all is said and done. Thank you so much for your prayers for my sister. She has a problem from working with her elbow and she called me last n... Read more
~*~ Kids Letters to God - Good for a chuckle ~*~
Thursday, January 06, 2011      12 comments

Happy Thursday! Not a whole lot going on here. Wanted to check in real quick Linda is due here soon. I have my doctor coming out this morning as well. The Doctor and I am going to look into what medications we can play around with to he... Read more

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