Shared Diet & Fitness Trackers

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  Username: Daily Goals Achieved:
BAJOHNSON2  Food tracked: Knorr Sidekicks Chicken Fried Rice ( 1/4 Pkg or 40 g ), 2 Serving
SUNSHINE150  Food tracked: Kretschmar Off the Bone Ham, 3 oz
OREGONTHEA  Food tracked: Trader Joe's Ultra Chocolate Ice Cream, 2 cup
PHEBESS  Food tracked: *Kashi Go Lean Cereal, 1.5 serving
RUFUSMAMA1984  Food tracked: Milk, nonfat, 1 cup
NASFKAB  Food tracked: Walnuts, 0.25 oz
KATYBUG05  Food tracked: Egg, fresh, whole, raw, 2 large
JOSEPEPE07  Food tracked: McDonalds 10 Piece Chicken Nuggets, 0.8 serving
CAROOR  Exercise tracked: Walking: 3 mph (20 minutes per mile)  - 26 minute(s)
MPLSKEN  Food tracked: Water, tap, 16 fl oz
1947ANNIE  Food tracked: Post Raisin Bran Cereal, 0.5 cup (1 serving)
VASPIAN1  Food tracked: Dragon Roll - sushi (1 roll), 1 serving
MARTCHANTILLY  Food tracked: Mushrooms, fresh, 46 grams
AGAPEJOY  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) - 15 minute(s)
ERICJAMESNYC  Food tracked: Spring Valley Natural Echinacea Goldenseal Complex, 2 capsules, 0.5 serving
SPWITHSPIRIT  Exercise tracked: Ping Pong - 30 minute(s)
VEENAS1  Exercise tracked: SparkPeople 10-Minute Bootcamp Cardio Workout Video (Coach Nicole) - 10 minute(s)
LORI-K   Exercise tracked: ST: Triceps/Biceps
CGARR442  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2.85 mph (21 minutes per mile) - 96 minute(s)
LRB605  Exercise tracked: Painting - 180 minute(s)
KATIE5668  Food tracked: Salsa, 1 tbsp
GORDON66  Exercise tracked: Gardening - 45 minute(s)
NOCALORIES  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) - 45 minute(s)
ANNEGWYNEDD  Food tracked: Milk, nonfat, 0.3 cup
ZELDA13  Food tracked: Lipton Green Tea (tea bag for hot tea) naturally decaffinated, 1 serving
RANA!!  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) - 30 minute(s)
JCGOILLINI  Exercise tracked: Walking: 4 mph (15 minutes per mile) - 27 minute(s)
MOONDRAGON31  Food tracked: 16.9 ounce bottled water, 16.9 oz
KDAVISON4  Food tracked: Arby’s traditional greek gyro, 1 gyro
EVEINCOLORS  Food tracked: Rucola lettuce, 100 gram
LOSE4HEALTH  Food tracked: Coconut Shrimp 'SeaPack'- 4 pcs, 2 serving
HONEY323  Exercise tracked: Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning - 90 minute(s)
FITDONNA3  Exercise tracked: Gardening - 180 minute(s)
TRACKDOG  Exercise tracked: Hiking: cross-country - 75 minute(s)
CHRISBRYAN  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) - 140 minute(s)
DBVJAV  Food tracked: 365 Organic Wheat English Muffins (whole), 1 serving
GABIRUSZCZAK  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2.5 mph (24 minutes per mile) - 45 minute(s)
TALCERT  Food tracked: Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cereal, 1.5 cup (1 serving)
MA_DIDDLES  Exercise tracked: Gardening - 90 minute(s)
CGH-ARTYPANTS  Food tracked: Scrambled Egg, 2 large
MELONY45  Food tracked: Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino, Venti (24 oz), 1 serving
BKWERM  Food tracked: Swiss Natural Garlic Capsule-500 mg, 1 capsule
JLCONROD  Food tracked: cheeseburger with mushroom and mozzerella, 1 serving
DUTRIFIT  Food tracked: Celery, raw, 2 stalk, medium (7-1/2" - 8" long)
SHOAPIE  Exercise tracked: Running or jogging: 5 mph (12 minutes per mile) - 15 minute(s)
CJOSTEN  Exercise tracked: Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning - 45 minute(s)
PEARCEJ  Food tracked: Jimmy Dean pork sausage hot, 3 oz
UCFNP12  Exercise tracked: Running or jogging: 5 mph (12 minutes per mile) - 30 minute(s)
TRICIA36  Food tracked: Peanut Butter, smooth style, with salt, 2 tbsp
KERENENI  Food tracked: Chicken Breast (cooked), no skin, roasted, 4 ounces